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  1. Beast.


    20million from Lawrance family.
  2. Beast.


    16m from Lawrance family.
  3. Wana trade with EQ pharmacy?
  4. Current offer 16m for Cheetah, If you can offer higher, let me know.
  5. Turismo - Cheetah and 1.5k HP Huntley.
  6. I realised that in this server nobody is clean, so I just decided to download name tag and about denying in first place, I just didn’t wanted to admit it once again I apologise for it.
  7. Alright, fine I had name tag, I apologises for it, will not repeat this kind of action again, and I just want to have fun with my friends.
  8. Because I haven’t used that’s why, and therefore I’m accepting to play on CAC and as well as bothering to appeal to have fun with my friends.
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