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  1. yes, bro, fantastic roast, isn't it?
  2. my answer is just use your brain, there are people who have lives you know, they gotta go, oh wait, sorry. I apologize for attempting to talk about life infront of somebody who lives in mudoo, my bad.
  3. yes, we need money served on a plate of gold straight to our houses.
  4. well, if you want me to address my issues, it's going to be a long list, but the first on the list is pretty much the people who make me lose my braincells whenever I join a voicechat with them or interact with them IC'ly.
  5. oh my god, you guys seriously wanna remove this feature... aside of all the unrealistic features, you chose to change this which is actually realistic since you can see dozens of cars in-real life parked (yes, I know they have owners, but 100 players ain't gonna be filling the whole San Andreas). Especially when you're lost in the desert cuz u /q'ed or something and you ask for a tp then an admin tells you Not My Problem . ? then you have to walk that back to Los Santos when you just could pick a state vehicle.
  6. Don't even compare them to Kalcor, Kalcor indeed made a wrong decision but if without him, this platform itself would've never existed.
  7. Name: Jack Anderson Comment: There is no need for more funding to the Police Department, the city has better concerns than that. They've got the tools to fight the immigrants, and that's it, there is no need to grab better tools especially when the immigrants are already running out there and the law enforcement are doing very well to get them smacked right in-to their face. But I'd consider the police department sort of lazy right now, asking for better tools, in meanwhile they are not doing anything to fight these outlaw assholes, is this the fucking chihuahuan desert where these outlaw
  8. SpAgErOLliS SHoULd Do ThAT tOo . Bro . They Got Banned Recently . LoL .
  9. I know a very good server which has the same features without roleplaying (optional), ip:
  10. pakis are always god damn wrong. cannot deny that, everyone here focuses on winnin else than losing mate, that's quite unhealthy for a gaming community no wonder why it is always full of toxicity and people moanin everything.
  11. I sold my sultan to terry for 2.75m and it is actually a scam, mate. That's too high, lower the price or get lost, honey. Buyout should not be exceeding 3m.
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