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  1. iChiwi

    vip giveaway

    103 and 56, jack anderson
  2. useless comment, I demand a removal.
  3. Hello everybody, today I made a topic talking about my punishment history, how the fuck did I get 2 warns and a ban (let's ignore the mutes for a moment since they are valid)? On the day of my ban which is 15 Aug 2020, I was banned by matthew carter for abuse of scripts to hoard bls kits, however, it is invalid so I need it to be somehow removed, thanks. And on the day of the warn that I was issued by Andrew which is 13 Aug 2020, the warn is invalid as there was no exchange of money, even locmax said it. @Ned yess Ned
  4. iChiwi

    Woods Tag.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @TiMoN, seems like the winter sergeant is now a woods so he supports the other pakis, fucking dumb pakis don't know how to roleplay a god damn thing and plays to win, imagine a retard talking to a cop with "how dare you talk to me that way", that's retarded, you should fear the cops. You know that, you should fear the cops and avoid metagaming shit and talking in your own god damn language, learn how to speak like humans.
  5. pakis are always god damn wrong. cannot deny that, everyone here focuses on winnin else than losing mate, that's quite unhealthy for a gaming community no wonder why it is always full of toxicity and people moanin everything.
  6. I sold my sultan to terry for 2.75m and it is actually a scam, mate. That's too high, lower the price or get lost, honey. Buyout should not be exceeding 3m.
  7. yes, but you have to also wait a few weeks before you request.
  8. that's to submit a request not a create a topic. Yes, you can.
  9. Don't post in a channel, tho, you need to interact with people in-game, for example in your group topic say that you're around location A so people will have to interact with you in a roleplaying way to join the group and in-character'ly. Also, you can post the group topic without having the members, just make the topic and design it, then add stuff n shit, then recruit them by saying that you're usually rolling in a location where they can meet you. Also, you have to be rolling sometimes there to recruit them.
  10. how much do you want for the stafford as a buyout? not gonna bid with the pakis
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