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  1. Name: Jimmy Simmons E-Mail ((Discord)): DannyOnTheBeat#7472 Chosen Number: 4
  2. Two floors inside house and good for sprinting inside. Contact: 86864 Value: 200,000$ BO: 500,000$ Drop your offers!
  3. Nice job mate! I hope I will see you in future on UGMP.
  4. Thanks I'm trying to bring best out of me and really enjoy the RP in his pure form. Can't wait for server opening.
  5. I had creativity to make IC story and I made it like secret letter from Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna agent or his brother. I will make more when I get creativity or time. I hope you like it and I opened your creativity for your own story.
  6. Crew Name: G6 Crew Leader: Jimmy Simmons Crew Members: Marcus Reed, Eazy Wilson, Jovanca Jovanca Skin ID: 94
  7. Yeah I hope so it will be good as I think. I'm so hyped and I would like to be better start for me then SAMP.
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