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  1. Merry christmas to those who celebrate and happy new year everyone when it comes!
  2. Nathan.

    TIM Victory

    TIM the only group that deserved to stay official
  3. This appeal was written when I was in a mood due to the ban, it was low effort and not very good. I never shot the officer as I wasn't even playing at the minute, i just came back to shooting so I left the car with my gun in hand as a defence mechanism in case we were in a shootout, I never fired the gun and after he was downed i put the gun away. I may be prone to shooting people for less than good reasons but I don't break the rules like this, I am not stupid enough to start dming outside of PD for no reason. We as a group had finally found direction in being a private security firm for Decl
  4. What is your in-game name? Antonio Spagerolli Which staff member banned you? IDK When did you get banned? 11/03/2020 What is the ban reason? DM in a safezone Personal comment The volunteer shot us first. I didn't shoot the volunteer. I shot his body on the ground with the rest of the group, check logs for all proof. I didn't shoot him whilst he was alive and he shot the first bullet of the sit. I was banned for being with Marco Spagerolli at the time, fact.
  5. This alone shows the EXTREMELY obvious play to win mentality that even many admins have on this server.
  6. Nathan.

    Last night

    What? It was all IC, no rules were broken.
  7. Nathan.

    Last night

    Pretty stupid comment considering the whole post is based on me telling a black guy asking for drugs at our hq right beside pd to fuck off
  8. Nathan.

    Last night

    Lol the fact you’re trying to say I can’t rp because I pulled a gun, you know nothing about us ICly I had no intention of shooting you I was rping and I was rping not wanting some black hoodlum asking for drugs right beside PD. and the n word is obviously Ic, Idk what you are irl I was talking as my character to yours bro
  9. Nathan.

    Last night

    I tell you to leave MULTIPLE times as you asked for drugs from us as if we were a street gang which is shit rp to start with. I continue to tell you to fuck off as you won’t listen to me as you are on my turf, I proceed to get a gun from my HQ (WhicH I rped doing) next time maybe try rp with us without driving up to our hq and asking for drugs you fucking idiot lmao I promise if you tried to have Normal rp it would be fine but nope you gotta try buy drugs from men in suits hahaha and the N word is IC. Don’t see why you are complaining about that.
  10. What is your in-game name? Antonio Spagerolli Which staff member banned you? Inferno When did you get banned? 07/31/2020 What is the ban reason? DM in admin sit Personal comment Yes I killed carlo in an admin sit because he was being arrogant after I killed him for a valid IC reason. He came back after I killed him and I never seen a red admin name nearby which was my fault so I just killed him. I apologise for this as it was a stupid thing to do. I was annoyed that he had a sense of entitlem
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