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  1. I'll sell you my purple dildo instead. you can ride it by inserting it in your asshole, you can also adjust its speed.
  2. Urek when did I mentioned and blamed safmd? did I mentioned any departments? I think you should be the one that needs to go to mental institution. Cops supposed to make the state safe and free if not lesser crime. not just wait for report. thats laziness right there. When did a carpenter repair planes? what I mean is as a reporter their only job is to report what they see which they did. I already read the comment from the author of this news that he/they have already reported this to the supervisors. so now if you lazy asses didn't received any reports, are you just going to sit in you asses and wait and call it fake news? or are you going to investigate this personally since this supposedly involve one your your member. 'cause from what I can see you're here replying to news comments and trying hard to cover this shit and even call it fake news without investigation.
  3. Urek oh I read some high shit in positions trying to cover up their illegal shit! first its not their job bust this kind of shit, its the COPSs job! they saw a medic doing illegal and they reported it in the news! and thats what their job is! seeing something like means the authorities are not properly doing their job! also, calling it "fake news" without conducting an investigation shows how inept and dumb the authorities are in SA.
  4. Username:Chaknu_Riss Comment:Why is the governor there? is it still part of his job as a Governor?
  5. I have 2 Co-Leaders because they are really Co-Leader right from the start, I didn't promised them anything(rank) since they are my friends IRL. my new recruits are in either associate/soldier ranks. topic hasn't updated though. I like this one: but, OTHER egoistic Cops(with ranks) will say "You are only here for paycheck" so... no
  6. Recommended for: + Active + Good English + Helpful Good Luck.
  7. You were banned from RPG for hacks, how can we trust you that you don't use the same hacks in TDM?
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