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  1. ANTI-AIR DESTROYER About: Tired of constantly being the target of Hydras and Hunters every time you exit your base? Well, this is exactly the thing you're looking for. Anti-Air Destroyers provide you with the protection you need against aerial units so that when you fly to find your ideal sniping spot, some Hydra doesn't come to blast your ass off. Launching: Similar to the nuking feature, you need to capture a zone named 'Anti-Air Destroyer' in order to use this weapon. Once the zone is captured by your team, go to the icon (eastern side of the zone) and type /aad.
  2. The schedule for the 1v1 tournament is finally here! I'm personally very amazed to see such an amount of registrations. You can also view the tournament chart by yourself via this link: https://challonge.com/1x1event All duels will start tomorrow @ 17:50 in-game time (/time). Familiarize yourself with the tournament rules to avoid any inconvenience on event day. Good luck everybody and we hope that you enjoy the event to the fullest.
  3. NUKING FEATURE About: Nuclear Missiles are a scripted feature of COD:GW. They provide you with the power to wipe out an entire zone/base with everyone inside of the area. Launching: Two zones namely 'Submarine' and 'Area 51' are required to launch the Nuclear Missile. It costs $300,000 and can be launched from Area 51 once both zones are captured by your team. After typing /nuke, you can choose the desired zone/base to launch the missile on and lay waste to all players in that selected area. Pictures:
  4. SPECIAL ZONES Military Equipment (M.E) Preview: Perk: Every player of team that owns this zone will get a free helmet & full armour upon every respawn. Desert Airport (D.A) Preview: Perk: Every player of team that owns this zone will have the ability to call an airstrike on enemies via command /as Big Ear (B.E) Preview: Perk: Every player of team that owns this zone will have the ability to track enemy players via /track
  5. CLASS SYSTEM ASSAULT Abilities: No special ability Weapons: Desert Eagle | Combat Shotgun | M4A1 | Grenades Requirement: None SNIPER Abilities: Hidden on the map. Weapons: Knife | Desert Eagle | MP5 | Sniper Rifle Requirement: 50 score required JET TROOPER Abilities: Can spawn a Jetpack upon pressing Y Weapons: Knife | Desert Eagle | Combat Shotgun | UZI Requirement: 300 score required SUPPORTER Abiliti
  6. Registration date extended. Registrations will now close on 9th of July.
  7. There's a possibility that he could be joking therefore I'll close this report without any action taken. On the other hand, we'll keep an eye on him.
  8. Player has changed his name. Report L&A'ed
  9. RULES & REGULATIONS (1v1 tournament): -> Players will spawn with 100 ARMOUR and 100 HP and will have Combat Shotgun (100 ammo), Desert Eagle (75 ammo) and M4 (150 ammo). -> No healing/usage of special class commands. -> Both players will be forced on Assault class. -> C-bug is NOT allowed unless both players agree to use it in the specific match. -> CAC will NOT be forced but is highly encouraged. -> If a player is unable to login at a set time, he/she will be disqualified and the other party will be declared as the winner of the match. -&g
  10. You can sign up and talk to your opponent (when they're announced) to set a time that's appropriate for both of you. If an admin is present during the time and overseeing the duel, it will be counted as legit.
  11. COD:GW Update & Summer Games 1. The Update: COD:GW is currently being actively developed by @Dizzy and we've managed to find and fix various bugs and implemented some minor features. Dizzy will soon be making another thread covering everything that has been done so far in COD:GW as to improve it. Also, as there was an 'internal problem' - the COD:GW hosted tab could not be paid in June. The hosted tab will now be paid on July 9th by @Kacper and thus the summer games will begin from that date on-wards. 2. Summer Games
  12. Denied. Recent administrative punishment (ban). Please do not apply until 24/06/2020
  13. We have decided to postpone the first event which was supposed to be held today. It will now be held on 14th of June alongside the other event. Timing will remain the same and both events will be held one after another.
  14. Denied. -Overall immature behavior -Failure to follow simple guidelines -Not staff material
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