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  1. Assassin

    Request Help

    sir u mentioned the wrong guy here, ur talking about this guy @TheAssassin
  2. are we still gonna argue on this while i apologized, can you unban me now since everything is solved dude.
  3. to be honest with you, never knew that this type of disgusting behavior is not allowed Icly or i would never do it maybe a rule should be added here https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/15-server-rules/ under section 2. ROLEPLAY RULES that u can't use this type of language ICly that's just my suggestion nothing else.
  4. sorry for this if u find this offensive, just lost my mind, i just wants to get un banned now since everything is solved now. apologies to @Sam Woods and @Jones but next time please verbal warn or warn in first offence and try to teach properly and sorry once again.
  5. Look, if they were affected by it in OOCly then i am very very sorry about it and YES i personally did apologized with Marty_Frost in-game but i never meant to insult anyone oocly, my overall IC character was a troll one so i am not even saying no about that but i am truly sorry if anyone felt bad about in OOCLY. I have been doing this type of role play since many days and none even warned me to stop it so i continued it but yesterday Richard_Jones teleported to me and asked me that u harassed a girl and i had a very disgusting behavior about it so i explained to him that she didn't asked m
  6. i've also made everything clear to you but u want to defend your fellow so that's not my problem, i am expecting an unban since i didn't broke any rule of the server.
  7. youre a whole ass clown weirdo lol keep this rapist banned bru pm spamming some weird shit

    1. Luke_Hughes


      This guy @Assassin literally reminds me of Zainrock. He was a known defaulter in the previous server. His previous behaviour is still continuing shamelessly.

    2. Mikro


      DonaldDatingNigguhs is warned and put on moderation. Despite what Assassin might or might not have done, it does not give you an excuse to break the rules and post this kind of disrespectful and provocative messages.

  8. u know dude, u are not making any sense here repeating the same stuff again and again while i already explained you the scenario that IF she would communicate with me so i would stop right there as it is written in rule no 2.11 but guess what she was role playing with me normally so i continued with it and she called cops on me and never went OOcly with me at that situation so i also continued ICly but i guess you are defending your admin fellow here and ignoring my point of view and keep on asking me this again and again.
  9. And i explained everything about this so i didn't broke any of that rule?
  10. Give me one good reason, why did Richard_Jones banned me
  11. Retard I would’ve shot your ass on the spot annoying piece of shit

  12. I have no idea why the heck u guys are getting sensitive for that IC disgusting behavior, where in the rule it is not allowed to have a disgusting roleplay? ofcourse there is no rule about that, it is mention in rule 2.11 that if the other party doesn't feel comfortable with that type of roleplay so we should stop right there and HOW will we know that the other party is not feeling good? OFCOURSE when they communicate with you that they don't want the roleplay to be done and about that Marty_Frost that she didn't knew this rule that she could decline so that's not my problem dude because i di
  13. OH WOW u know what, i think u should read the rule again and again until u understand it clearly . 11. FORCING INAPPROPRIATE ROLEPLAY Forcing inappropriate roleplay is the act of forcing another player to roleplay a scenario such as of sexual nature, or similar, that the other player does not wish to participate in. Rule "Failure to Roleplay" is voided for players who refuse to participate in a roleplay of such nature and cannot be forced to participate in it. Example: [#01] John Doe forces Jane Doe to roleplay sex even though Jane Doe refuses to participate in
  14. [23:53:47] PM to Marty_Frost (67): some admin situation occured with me [23:53:54] PM to Marty_Frost (67): i will appreciate if u talk with me [23:54:13] PM to Marty_Frost (67): do u talked with richard about our roleplay? [23:54:19] PM to Marty_Frost (67): did you [23:54:29] PM to Marty_Frost (67): that nice tits and ass one iCly [23:55:42] PM from Marty_Frost (67): Cringe in Icly and ooc too dude [23:56:02] PM from Marty_Frost (67): But nothing to say for ooc, i've reported you ic so with the cops OH u see not even the one who roleplayed with me have nothing to say since she r
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