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  1. What is your in-game name? Griffin_Wood Which staff member banned you? Dizzy_Walker When did you get banned? 01/20/2023 What is the ban reason? Illegal modifications/Aimbot Personal comment I would like to apologize for using illegal modifications to gain an unfair advantage in the server, and I honestly don't have a lot to say, I don't honestly believe I'm getting another unban, knowing I have passed the limits way too much, just that I want to have a chance to play with my friends again on the server, nothing else more than that. If you believe I can get another chance back here, I would be happy for that.
  2. @LocMaxI posted this in middle of 2022, been months, can someone unban me? my acc Muhammad Bin Tennyson#7732
  3. Well if I and my buddies can get our temp ban removed, I am willing to either lead PMC or LET.
  4. Still to this day I don't know if mockery RP screens are enough to get all my buddies a 7 day temp ban for it, even though the actual situation was resolved. Honestly, your people could've just stated that interaction with them were not allowed instead of going about making fun of my accent and just being racist in general, not a new thing to me and my friends, but then he got his buddies to tempban us all, even the ones who had nothing to do with. I think you even consider this as "starting drama" even though I have clearly stated my case with great clarity as to why the group is lacking at what it is supposed to do. Again, feel free to disprove me.
  5. And have this as an advice, I saw you yourself stating, making connections with cartel to get weapons, so start from ground zero, make connections, build your fort in a hiding, rp some small attacks with the compliance of some PD members on TR department, some other places, bomb the dam, a lot of RPs. But if the group gonna start with basically everything handed to them, I do not see how they can do anything but have giant dm clashes with the navy or army.
  6. I honestly don't mind someone starting a militia group when there was no one else, I just find the group too OP as a starter and unrealistic considering their position as mercs, smuggled inside US, unlike us, who build it from ground 1 the group and had realistic attack vehicles since they were not top edge in design and power, ours were far realistic. Though if the supposed PMC want to boost rp, I heavily suggest they can build from ground 0 to a lot in 3 months, I am entirely sure the current members are very old and own enough money IG and can afford cases e-t-c, they can rp their start in the territory of San Andreas and build it up in 3 months, gladly will support that group through that procedure. But currently I just do not see how it can boost rp or do anything exciting except dogfights(something they state themselves when talking about "unique rp)
  7. Funny but sadly, I had entirely stopped playing samp after my latest ban, I am aware of those servers you are talking about but I did not played those at all and only returned playing regularly here after I had some contacts with my old friends in-game. Saying I want a group that I put a lot of work in back, wouldn't mind that at all, but what I have stated still stays, I do not find the PMC group really useful to the server.
  8. So recently a new militia group known as PMC Wagnar was created (very original group, totally not copied from a CoD game) and it purpose of being made was to "boost rp in the server" but one of their latest rp SS on their topic was this so this supposed group to "boost rp" is a group that at best can do a kidnapping rp, very original indeed, I have certainly not seen newbies do something better(/s) for some reason this group had been created IG on the first day and most of TR has been mapped too, but worst of all, they have a hq filled with hunter, jets and rhinos, and is basically running on admin power aka they get free stuff. These russian mercs are supposedly were secretly send in US to cause havoc but apparently they were able to build a huge ass base, takeover the whole TR and get hunter jets and rhinos, which is really realistic and not because this group was created for the pure intention of having a dm fest with the navy or army group in the server. My militia groups known as RA>MQM>LET>BCR pisses on this for the pure fact on how our group literally developed like a character as it went by, we went from a small group hiding in angel pine to a bigger group but still rply we were hiding in BC, we took time to time, doing operations, taking over certain areas while hiding ourselves until finally, we did really big events like taking over area 51(an event that was positively received on both ends) we managed to win this massacre with our limited weapons, but we had a lot of fun so did the other PD side. After some requests since the army had jets, we managed to get rustlers, we were also trying to get a seasparrow to even the odds, but we stayed in realm of realism because our attack aircraft vehicles looked budgeted for a group that in the hiding for it's majority. After some events, we managed to create our own government in BC, later on as BCR we had like borders and polls, but all of this went from 1 to 10 not in an instance but it was a long procedure where me and my friends had a lot of fun. This group, which is a server project, came out of nowhere and now have taken over TR, also restricted any PD going there, because "realistically" some police forces cannot go against these people because they're a militia, which surely didn't applied with my group, which was the same but like a 100 times better. I wholeheartedly feel that is a useless server project, and this group serves literally no purpose at all, if it does serves a great purpose, I don't mind people proving it to me under here, but I think this group should be removed and TR to be reset as it was so the players or PD can access it. I feel this group can only boost DM, again, can disprove me under here if they can.
  9. @Mikro anyone??, it has been so long with 0 respond here.
  10. bumping again and just in case, my current discord acc is Muhammad Bin Tennyson#7732
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