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  1. What is your in-game name? Altaf_Bhai Which staff member banned you? Don't remember When did you get banned? 04/02/2020 What is the ban reason? Insulted a staff member Personal comment the ban date isn't correct I pretty much don't remember it I recently made some accs to get in just to time pass and thus did two (perhaps more) ban evading through that and thought I might just join again so I'm making an appeal after a long time though I really should have done this before instead of
  2. What is your in-game name? Altaf_Bhai Which staff member banned you? Don't remember When did you get banned? 09/25/2020 What is the ban reason? Didn't deserve to be unbanned Personal comment Well, i honestly think this ban was not necessary at all, i didn't do anything against any rules that i was given an immediate ban just after my unban which i had waited months to make, now what happened was some admin was trying to insult me as how bad of a player or things i had done but when i start
  3. RP as freedom fighters, spread propaganda, rp making a religion to spread the propaganda faster, claim yourselves to be holy send by gods to free the poor, blame the government make Icly videos about government being corrupt, stop being PD targets, do roleplay which won't attract them much (like the ones i mention above) and keep kidnapping government officials and execute them publicly, make an ad about a event like a party or a speech but then bring in the gov official and kill him and say "rejoice" this way PD won't suspect that you're gonna kill.
  4. Such a disappointment, my brothers have stopped fighting for the glory of Bone county and submitted to the corrupted government. In my current position i can't do anything but look as how the cowards are hiding putting my fallen soldiers name in shame, tfu on BCR I Altaf bhai shall soon rule over BC ((if the staff stop being 6 y/o kids who ban anyone on speaking against them but they keep saying shit))
  5. There is no good reason to actually do this and i mean srsly, the mudoo name was getting popular and many people started to know about this server with that name and there was literally nothing wrong with the current name just a bad attempt to get players attention which will last like some seconds
  6. Yes i have a bad record of doing "bad stuff" and because of that the staff thinks i'm wrong just because of my record and keep ignoring whatever i say, now i don't say i'm the good guy here, yes i leave many roleplays many were actual emergencies which they thought it was suspicious ((can't blame them)) and some were actually me leaving on purpose because of the pure BS it was and yes again i admit i didn't reported it and that's my bad but again if i remember with my group (MQM,LET) i created new roleplays for the server which got many interested, yes the group did cause many problems too but
  7. What is your in-game name? Altaf_Bhai Which staff member banned you? Leonardo_Carter When did you get banned? 04/26/2020 What is the ban reason? quitting mid RP Personal comment Okay so i kinda remember now what might have happened and why i got banned, some dudes came up to me dbing without stating a good reason, i mean it wouldn't hurt them to actually rp then go full db on me driving alone, so i remember that i was trolling them something and it got them mad and then i quit the game because they came rushin
  8. Matthew stated himself "quantity over quality" he will rather have more retarded players than a good community
  9. good job but i said majority of staff do that, there is always good and bad apples and our staff is mostly bad apples or even worse. Also saying getting insulted 12 times like you broke a goal or outdid yourself or you are not worthy of insults and shouldn't be insulted, you should see the players who were abused by management and admins both and were not unable to say shit because if they did, straight ban.
  10. The staff members are literal kids, kids who can't handle death and insult, they will insult players 24/7 but if you say 1 thing against them you will be banned or warned, if you want change you need to change the whole staff, we need staff who are mature and won't cry over a shootout because our current one do, so did the previous.
  11. It's the topkek irish mafia, the mafia wants to hide it's identity and be in shadows while killing people whenever they like, that's the state of the server, it's give shelter to shit groups and let them go away with rulebreaking because half of their members being admins and some being the very best asslickers in history.
  12. lmao i understand this. "mass shootout going on between terrorists and SAPD, hydra, hunter and rustlers" "you get killed" "high rank SAPD comes running up you, does /me searches for license" "suspend weapon license" "kill" bruh
  13. Told ya that you won't make sense in your next reply, i stated atleast 4 things and i got 0 idea what you are talking on.
  14. You choose this position to handle reports, not to let your friends sneak away from punishment for the rules they are breaking, there have been many times where admins abused cmds and warn/ban people for fun and many times staff don't investigate properly at all just listen to the side which have "low ban/warn history" and judges just by that, now you don't want to listen to something because you don't have a answer for it, your next reply will probably won't make 0 sense at all.
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