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  1. Name: Shady Comment: Richie Kavanagh knew the truth about the federal government, he fleed to the woods in an attempt to save himself, but was still located and executed by the federal government in an airstrike - portrayed as a terrorist. Nobody's safe! Yuri should go into hiding!
  2. Not to mention that people might be driving with a little more caution/brain and the mechanics will have more work as well! So win-win to all.
  3. Very nice community & I am happy, if people would use less Arabic when roleplaying with others or when calling 911 that would be an improvement.
  4. Does that mean I'm no longer a helper?!
  5. Most likely an UC manager.
  6. Name: Dentico & Co. Law Bureau Comment: A report has been sent to the SAPD IA, but if the court would have had the time to read the entire case before making conclusions, they would've been able to read the reason of why we do not have the necessity of going through SAPD IA to make this case viable. One of the main reasons being that the SAPD does not have the authority to clean someone's criminal history through or in a result of an Internal Affairs report. My client does not wish to punish troopers, but to find justice as his constitutional rights were violated. It is not a SAPD
  7. Nice signature bruh

    1. '16V


      Thank you sir

  8. Dentico & Co. Law Bureau helps all newlyweds to get their official marriage licenses!

    More information: 


  9. Name: AG Comment: If only I had a nickel for every time a congressman broke the law. They have been long overlooked and simply let to commit crimes without consequence, if you check on the date the FBI first had information on the congressman murdering the men, outrageous - possibly years of corruption within the federal government.
  10. Do not miss out on the sickest party Valrise has seen. DEVILS DEBUT!! 17:00 Willowfield, Santos!

    1. AMR


      How did it went?

    2. Oldman
  11. 70 percent tax, omegalol. Mr. Jatt is right, unfortunately its not up to the governor to set the tax on that product for some reason.
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