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  1. Nothing is free, this is false advertisement
  2. Bo starts from 400k Bo now will be added if offers became Alot (if it even happens lol)
  3. Also has an amazing Japanese style interior
  4. House Value 310.000$ Bo 400.000$ House has Radio and alarm lvl 4 Offers below (note I am doing this for my friend he Dosent have forum account I think)
  5. Updated the list with new vehicles
  6. Its really hard to make prices since some people are gonna keep making the price higher prices are not be very accurate
  7. Hello I will make my self useful for fucking once today I will tell you everything you should know before buying any of theses vehicles this should help people who wants to know the car better NOTE PRICES ARE NOT ACCURATE DUE TO BEING PLAYER AFFECTED SAME GOES WITH SPEEDS Name:Sultan Price from players ranges below 14millon above 8millon This vehicle is a very fast 4 door vehicle (slightly slower then premier I think) has a top speed of 169 km/h it has a very good handling Very fast acceleration Cons: Slower then premier very expensive has a fuel limit of 70 liters Pros:4 door seater sports car Name: Cheetah Price ranges from 7millon max 4 Millon min This vehicle is a 2 door sports car that looks cool Maybe a bit bulky Has a top speed of 192 km/h Has a ok handling Very slow acceleration Cons: slow acceleration can be a problem but fixed with nos other better options Pros: Looks dope has a high top speed Name: Buffalo Price N/A (Hardly gets sold) This is a 2 seater sports car that's probably the most durable (can take hits) Has a top speed of 186 km/h (Same as zr350) Good handling Medium acceleration (slower then zr350 Cons: Slower then Zr350 due to slower acceleration Pros: Stronger then zr350 Name: Turismo Price 4millon min 7 Millon max This is a 2 seater sports car also the fastest in terms of acceleration Top speed is I think 198km/h Very good handling Very good acceleration (the fastest) Cons: Can't take hits very well Pros: Very fast acceleration can recover of speedloss quickly cheapest fast car Name: Bullet Price 11millon min 16millon max This is a 2 seater sports car that looks the coolest Top speed is 202km/h Acceleration is medium I guess Handling is very good Cons: Gets out speeded by tursimo due to having low accelration Pros: Looks cool very fast and easy to control Name: Infernus Price 18millon min 22millon max This is the fastest car in the game/server also the most expensive (behind fbi rancher) Top speed is 223 km/h Handling is very bad Acceleration is Good Cons: Can break down in one hit Pros: Fastest car in game Name: Phoenix Price 600k min 900k max This is a 2 seater muscle car (not a sports car) Top speed I think 169-174km/h Acceleration is good Handling is epic Cons: Not very bulky waste of money unless you want to be cool Pros: Cool car for dirfting Name: Jester Price is 700k min 1.2millon max This is a 2 seater sports car Top speed is 169km/h Accelration is good Handling is good Cons: Very slow and has better alternatives Pros: Very cool looking great handling Name: Banshee Price 4millon to 7 Millon max The is a 2 seater sports car that's probably the best in terms of value Top speed is 201km/h (could be lower) Handling is good Acceleration is Very good Cons: Out classed by tursimo Pros: Very cheap for this type of stats and slim Name: NRG 500 Price 15millon to 18 Millon Max This is a 2 seater superbike Top speed is 194-196 km/h Handling is Very good Acceleration is Very good Cons: Falling off can be fatal requires practice Pros: The ultimate cop evading vehicle as you can jump from ls to lv and can do more stunts Theses are all the fast vehicles more will be added if this post gets positive Update! Name: Maverick Price 14millon - 17millon max This is a 4 seater helicopter Top speed 150 170 ish km/h Handling N/A Acceleration Ok Cons: Cheaper alternatives exist sa news etc way to expensive Pros: Very good for Rp since it's a 4 seater helicopter Name: Sa news Helicopter Price 3 Millon - 6millon max This is a 2 seater helicopter Top speed 140-160 ish km/h Handling N/A Acceleration Ok (almost like maverick) Cons: Having cheap alternatives (sparrow) Being a 2seater Pros: Cheap helicopter that's bigger then sparrow Name: Journey Price 3millon-5.5millon max (interior might not be accurate) This is a 2-8 Seater max van (Because /getin) Top speed 120-150km/h Handling Ok Acceleration bad Cons: Very slow acceleration not really much to say Pros: Has a custom interior (/get in) Used to make meth can get more then 4 players inside Name: Patriot Price It depends on upgrades and such a naked one should cost roughly 4millon 6 Millon max This is a 4 seater SUV which can be upgraded to 3khp Hp tires and level 2 windows Top speed 160-174km/h Handling Good Acceleration Good Cons: Has cheaper alternatives (premier) Able to flip easily if you are dumb Pros: Upgradble more tanky then premier easier to control in country sides Name:Hotknife Price Roughly 17million max This is a 2 seater Vehicle Top speed 160-170km/h Handling great Acceleration Great Cons: Rarly found /used Better alternatives Pros: Looks cool and rare Name: Stunt Price 4millon 7 Millon max This is a 2 seater airplane (/get in) Top speed 160-180km/h Handling Legendary Acceleration Good Cons:Pricy not useful unless for DM Pros: Useful for dm doing cool stunts Name: Shamal Price: 3millon 8 Millon Max This is a 10-40 Seater jet (/get in) Top speed 180-200km/h Handling good Accelration Great Cons: To big only useful for groups to move around citys Pros: Potential rp can move an entire criminal group Name:Fbi rancher Price: 20millon-50millon max This is a 4 seater suv Top speed 174km/h ish Handling good like premier Acceleration Good Cons: Fucking expensive then a infernus not worth it at all Pros: Extremely rare I think bulkier then patriot Name: Hotring racer Price N/A Since no one even buys it / sells it This is a 2 seater race car Top speed 202-212 km/h Handling Ok Acceleration Good Cons: Very hard to get not really suited for rp Pros: Big flex fast car Name:Supergt Price: 1millon 3 Millon max This is a 2 seater sports car Top speed 195km/h Handling total shit Acceleration Good Cons: Hard to control hard to find sellers Pros: Good car Good price good for speed Boats will not get added aswell with some planes since they are not really important
  8. You can use any truck n trailer
  9. Note the server Is wip (work in progress) since the server is new its hard to verify everyone since it's not that easy to get verified
  10. You start walking on the street and you see a paper the paper reads Dark Web Entry Code https://discord.gg/55p2C5v2 The dark web! Guns? drugs? Hitman contracts? secure trading? auctions?! The dark web gives all of those and more! with secure trading so the pesky fbi don't catch you! an verification system in the server keeping who don't belong away! The dark web join now!
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