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  1. Nice giving players time to mourn 3khp vehicles and patriot
  2. Why is it 1.5k Hp normal cars are basicly 1k Hp What's the point mid is always better make it 2k
  3. It won't be taken from groups only players
  4. With DB Being way to broken
  5. Bro An Unowned villa in mako Island is 15m value plus it has doors garage gate everything
  6. I am Not Banned And Your Banned Still better then you Since I Never got banned ever in valrise
  7. So Recent News Shows That Sapd Aren't Capable Of Defeating Criminal Gangs So I A random citizen Say That They Are Not Capable Of Providing Safety I Hope You Participate In The poll
  8. TIP There is a shack near Water Use Boats Because cops Won't be able to catch up
  9. Name: Anonymous Comment: Shit tactic Fuck the government They Are Greedy Cash Grabbers
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