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  1. BREAKING NEWS!!! PD POINTS GUN AT FD August/1/2022, FireFighter-1 Jonathan Nguyen reports on global radio that there is a corrupt Volunteer officer who is arresting FDs Volunteer Officer Lucas for blowing his Sirens, at ASGH. [20:03:42] [Global Radio] SAFD Jonathan Nguyen: There's a Corrupt officer at ASGH, arresting my Volunteers, over As soon as he gave a call on global radio, Lieutenant Loid Forger arrived on the scene. We got to know that- VT Officer Lucas was attending an emergency call where his sirens were on, In between, VT Officer Lucas was Pulled Over by SAPD VT Officer King Davis for blowing his Sirens. VT. Lucas was bitten with a nightstick and was aimed gun by VT Davis. In the end after having brief conversation with FF-1 Nguyen, LT. Forger apologized on behalf of the volunteer's behavior. [20:13:08] Loid Forger says: We apologize on behalf of our volunteer's behavior. Our Reporter Samm Holland asked some questions to LT. Forger- Samm Holland says: LT., What will you do to that VT who is proven guilty? Loid Forger says: Appropriate actions will be taken Loid Forger says: that for now, further investigations will be done Samm Holland says: Is the relationship between PD and FD not nice? So we get to see this kind of Situation? Loid Forger says: Well there will always be issues such as this, But we've always kept it in a good condition And looking forward to pursuing for a better relationship. Therefore, Investigation will be conducted deeply and actions will be taken accordingly.
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