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  2. In-game name: Lamar Anderson Why do you need the money: Trying my luck if it's sucks or not Chosen number: 143
  3. It's okay then, no problem i'll pick another spot and provide y'all with a picture of it as soon as possible.
  4. Name: Lamar Anderson Type: Other Reason: I would like to get this as a bar for some RP scenes etc and to improve the citizens Roleplay around this area. I'd like this property to be set with interior ID 34 Image:
  5. Name: Lamar Anderson Type: Business Reason: As Idlewood is a very popular place in Los Santos, i would like to open a Business shop to promote the citizens RP around this area and i've picked this one. I'd like this property to be set with interior ID 123, I want to make this as a Toolstore. Image:
  6. What is your in-game name? Rush_Robinson Which staff member banned you? Eduardo Santos When did you get banned? 03/01/2021 What is the ban reason? Hacks Personal comment It's clearly was a bug when i pressed "G" and sit as a passenger while Tahj_Vendetta was driving and Joaquin_Vazquez as a passenger too, the car just shoots in the air and started flying, you can ask them about this to make sure. Eduardo thought that i'm the reason of this situation and banned me as i'm the cause of it while it's a "known bug" and can be happen to any player. So basically i'm level 21 in-game, i'm playing everyday so why would i use a cheat like make a car flying and get banned????? it's not logic and not realistic. I hope you can be understanding the situation and that's it. And i'm also uploading the record of the situation.
  7. Name: Rush_Miller Type: House Reason: As i got relationships around the hood to which i belong, i need a real home and i've picked this one as mine. House #35 in Idlewood - I need this house interior change to Interior ID95, so i can chill at it and thanks a lot. Image:
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