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  1. You don't have to act stupid when its VAC ban. You clearly joined the server with atleast 4 illegal modifications, 3 of it being aimbot.
  2. You you don't have to act stupid when its a VAC ban. There is a strong evidence on you using illegal modifications such as aimbot. Hint, sensfix
  3. Sir "it was obvious" is not a valid reason which clearly was wrong today. He died by GSF on the other side, you saw NBA cars there you started sniping everyone you see at that area which is totally wrong. This time I will unban you since I managed to stop you on time from starting a DM fest but next time you have to make sure who you are shooting at
  4. Denied. If you wish to get unban, you may post a serious application
  5. Denied. If you wish to get unban, you may post a serious application
  6. Denied. If you wish to get unban, you may post a serious application
  7. You kept advertising more and more without learning. Even after I myself warned you about it
  8. You don't appear to be banned Username apomenidi
  9. I don't see you banned, or you provided wrong username
  10. Unbanned, do not repeat the stupid actions you did or you will be banned again.
  11. You are not banned or you provided the wrong username
  12. Unbanned, make sure you keep your account safe and not get it breached and spamming every server.
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