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  1. You are not supposed to own that ammunation. It will be deleted, it was only added for PMC.
  2. Hey man, you're not creative in evading your ban!
  3. What a petty you are. Your ego still won't dive down and honestly admit your damn actions. You are not to appeal in a month. Keep on doing so and you'll get a longer extension time.
  4. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt without forcing you to use the anti-cheat system and with 0 consequences, however if you are to be suspected of cheating, you are to be forced to use the anti-cheat with no questions asked. Unbanned.
  5. Dope try but no, you're not welcome here glass
  6. You have been banned too many time in the past, five to be exact. However it was a long time ago and I'm willing to give you a shot for one more time to see if you are actually sorry. We won't go easy on you if you decide to to against the rules again. Another ban issued against you will be permanent with no chance of an unban, be sure to take a note of that. You're unbanned with 100% wealth seizure.
  7. You committed a stupid rulebreak whilst a part of staff, very appalling. You're not getting an unban anytime soon.
  8. We aren't issuing special vehicles, only out of stock ones from the dealerships
  9. Give you a chance to cheat again? Absurd. Don't bother. Denied.
  10. Bullet is now out of stock.
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