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  1. Unbanned, I hope you won't do the same mistakes again, you should be responsible for your account, never share it with your brother, and learn to have patience next time.
  2. Nope, this is only suitable for apartment style interiors.
  3. Please reply on this thread on your reason so we can keep track.
  4. Who was the handling admin?
  5. @b11kindly reply within 24 hours, failure to do so means you lack interest for this request.
  6. ID99 is not suitable for this property.
  7. Approved for ID105. Contact a senior administrator+ in-game.
  8. Your account is not banned. The IP used by your brother might have been, wait till your ISP provides you a new IP then you can go and play in the server. If still isn't fixed after awhile, make a discord support ticket.
  9. This appeal will be discussed with server management, I'll let you know the result. Locked till then.
  10. You already have five bans on your record, aside from that is a very long list of punishments. How do you expect us to trust you?
  11. Denied, we are not adding more properties into the server.
  12. As you are so eager for me to review your appeal, tagging me twice on discord, your review date will be set after 2 weeks. 25th of April 2021, locked till then. More tagging and more bothering will result to instant denial.
  13. Well, another infraction there I see. You are not allowed in whatever way to share your account with someone else, you knew that he knows your account, you should have changed it so to avoid such incidents where he uses it and commits rulebreaks. No matter which angle we look into, you really deserved the ban even if "you did not DM". For the record I am still doubtful about your story, you had a warning for DM before this. Now I wanna know about what can you promise me if I decide to give you another chance.
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