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  1. You can get it as an HQ once your group is scripted.
  2. This isn't a house, it's a backdoor to an office building.
  3. There was around 15 ppl ingame at the time, it wouldn't be hard for them to guess who you were. WWI rules do not justify you returning for revenge with the tank. You surely were pissed off and decided to gain unfair advantage. Anyway, tempbans aren't up for appeals. Only permanent bans are. If you wish to contest your punishment, please go on ahead with a staff report instead.
  4. I dont know if I'm willing to unban you then, make a better appeal and do so in a month from your ban date as per our ban consequences.
  5. No garages to be added yet. Denied for now
  6. Who's your friend?
  7. Denied. You do not bring your irl issues ingame and bother other players.
  8. You are not getting unbanned as explained by Sauron from your discord ticket. Play with a PC and install VAC.
  9. I do not have to show you anything, your cheats are as bright as day. You're retarded attitude in discord justified your ban. You do not spam tag anyone because you felt you were banned wrongfully. You appeal and admit your wrong doings or prove yourself not guilty, again through your appeal. Since this appeal is nothing but BS, you are to appeal your ban in a month.
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