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  1. Name: Gusino_Zuan Requesting: Business Location: Rodeo/Marina I would like to request this place as an office with some fences raised and a restricted gate at the middle for parking use. Also yard activation. Business type: Office/Parking [Personal use.] Yard Activation: Restricted Gate:
  2. Then why you even replied here you didnt even made an offer. Anyways
  3. GPS: 97 VALUE: 800K Start bidding: 300K BO: 1M Profit logs attached.
  4. Nick_Secton


    Sorry lovely bro's. Sold in-game.
  5. Nick_Secton


    As i promised 2 more hours, if someone wants it he have to reply fast.
  6. Nick_Secton


    Noted. I dont plan to keep this bidding for long active will go to @Pabloin the next 12 hours if nobody offers higher.
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