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  1. Name: Mike Cunningham
  2. Hello there Lester, I'll be handling your unban appeal. That is your fourth permament ban. You were already given 3 chances, but as I can see; you couldn't learn from your mistakes. Also due to ban consequences, you don't have any other chance. So, why shall we trust you and give an another chance? Reply below within 48 hours, otherwise your appeal will be denied.
  3. Hello there Fuzz! Your unban appeal is denied. Due to ban consequences, you gotta apply 2 weeks later. Until 29/08/2021 do not post another unban appeal.
  4. In-Game name : Mike Kelly Discord id : MikeK#9501 Activity this month : 60 hours Sequence : A - 08 37 48 54 85 B - 03 12 24 57 90 C - 11 37 42 84 97 D - 23 36 53 72 81 E - 07 36 42 59 65
  5. You have 24 hours to list them, otherwise the appeal will be denied.
  6. Hello there, I'll be handling this ban appeal. Firstly, please come clean and list your all banned accounts (Firstname_Lastname) in the below.
  7. I am selling 3K HP Premier, call or SMS me! 812
  8. Hello there again Raul. You got banned for script abuse twice (Once temprorarily and once permamently), also you have extensive punishment history. Why should we trust and give you chance to play again in our server? You have 48 hours to reply on this topic or it will get denied due to lack of interest like the previous one.
  9. Irish Motors Dealership SELLING: Jester - Level 4 Alarm - Custom Plate: BulkyGirl Current Offer: N/A Buyout: $1,000,000+ 3K HP Premier - Level 4 Alarm - Custom Plate: CERBERUS Current Offer: N/A Buyout: $1,000,000+ Contact with me: Phone number: 812 / 848 (( Discord: MikeK#9501 )) Only serious offers.
  10. Time is up, denied due to lack of interest. Appeal again when you are interested to play.
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