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  1. You will be forgiven as it is birthday month and you were banned way long ago. But also you will be forced to use VAC launcher.
  2. Same iq as tanzidur and the monkeys, won't bother explaining to you too
  3. I know their identifies, I know who are they. But there is a privacy policy between the dealer and the customer in our company just like most of businesses. And I don't really wanna waste my time explaining more to you as I know who you are and you got same iq as an average monkey, please just get out of my topic and don't make it dirty.
  4. @Maestro@MiguelEscobar@Tanzidur you retards are annoying [21:44:07] *** says (phone): Lets deal at 9m buy now no need to wait? [21:45:36] *** says (phone): 9 and deal. Not revealing their phone numbers unless they say it themselves.
  5. You think I fake bids? Nah, I am not Jew_Gambino
  6. Irish Motors Dealership SELLING: Sandking - Custom plate: SAND Buyout: Offer Latest offer: $9,000,000 Jester - Custom plate: Kelly Buyout: Offer Latest offer: $4,000,000 Contact with me: Phone number: 848 (( Discord: Toygar#5631 )) Only serious offers.
  7. Hello there, your appeal is denied as you were obviously cheating and we have evidence of it. Denying your appeal is not only my decision, it was disccussed with senior admins and managers. Tell the truth next time you appeal again, so we can consider unbanning you.
  8. You got 24 hours to reply below, otherwise the appeal will be closed and denied due to lack of interest.
  9. Hello there, I'll handle your ban appeal. First off all; you were banned for usage of illegal modification which improves your shooting, we have an evidence which won't be shared with you. So, there is only one way that will get you unbanned: admit your fault and tell us which modification were you using. Then we will about consider unabnning you.
  10. yes, offer below discord: Mikey_#5631
  11. Hello there Lester, I'll be handling your unban appeal. That is your fourth permament ban. You were already given 3 chances, but as I can see; you couldn't learn from your mistakes. Also due to ban consequences, you don't have any other chance. So, why shall we trust you and give an another chance? Reply below within 48 hours, otherwise your appeal will be denied.
  12. Hello there Fuzz! Your unban appeal is denied. Due to ban consequences, you gotta apply 2 weeks later. Until 29/08/2021 do not post another unban appeal.
  13. In-Game name : Mike Kelly Discord id : MikeK#9501 Activity this month : 60 hours Sequence : A - 08 37 48 54 85 B - 03 12 24 57 90 C - 11 37 42 84 97 D - 23 36 53 72 81 E - 07 36 42 59 65
  14. You have 24 hours to list them, otherwise the appeal will be denied.
  15. Hello there, I'll be handling this ban appeal. Firstly, please come clean and list your all banned accounts (Firstname_Lastname) in the below.
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