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  1. Interested in Both. If Possible may I know the Value and Profit Log's.
  2. Ph no : 108 | Email : KariKala Cholan#3311 Business Only Like: Tool Store Furniture Store Pharmacy Shop 24/7
  3. Selling ezy english learning Book for $1M . I think you Need it .
  4. 2weeks validity Phoenix - BO - 1M Jester - BO - 1.5M
  5. Email : Karikala Cholan#3311 | Phone : 108 NO LOWER - 15M - NO HIGHER
  6. Free advice ... ... its not compulsory to be follow .. And I'm Old member of Gambino .. People know me in the name of Hari Gambino .. So i give some words as Old group members , as member of ally , as a friend .. That's it..
  7. I can't understand you mate : First Your Buying Everything which are rar like 3K HP pati & Primer and Selling , Again you Buy them all and sold . Then you Buyed some Expensive Property like Garden , Business and some .. Again Sold all .. And also you sold all your Expensive Vehicles like NRG , Sultan ..extra when i ask about that you said " Im interested in Gamble ".. and now buying all which your selled .. Friend I have Free advice for you : By doing this like selling & buying the same will result in waste of money becZ no one including me will never sell the stuff for the same amount . They add extra Money then they buyed .. First, I like to say this message to you personally but I heard that everyone are doing this same again & again .. so I post this for every one .. Its just an Advice or Request from me to save your money .. Not any Order or anything to be force.. Thank you all..
  8. wait.. Are you guys Biding or Trolling..?
  9. well this have any safe level or Alarm ? or any other special(Don't say Scripted SHit)
  10. Name: KariKala Cholan Phone: 108 E-mail(Discord): Karikala Cholan#3311 Fulltime or Parttime taxicab operator : part time taxicab operator Any special info you would like to mention: Family Man .
  11. If I like to do that why can't I use DC for that . I just wan to say the fact , when login for the first time there i see an /ad Selling NRG last OFFER 4.5M , after 6month 6M , after 2month 8m , after some days past 10M , the next day SOLD for 11M . And now the minimum price of NRG BO is 15M . The same logic apply to all vehicles .
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