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  1. Got one, this can be archieved.
  2. Not selling that anymore. I thought I had to sell it but I don't and I've had it forever so I'd rather keep it.
  3. Premier sold, not selling the Phoenix. Still buying a Turismo.
  4. 2.8 mil It has a custom "3KHP" plate btw
  5. Also buying a Turismo
  6. House/Mansion in Temple Value - 170k BO - 180k Big interior, nicely furnished. Exterior has a cool design. Parking for 4+ cars. House in El Corona Value - 190k BO - 160k House has a single-player style garage, parking area for 4+ cars (not the server one's with seperate interiors)
  7. Yeah It's set, you can close this. Thanks you.
  8. Name - Carson Sheller Hello, I want the current interior of this house to be changed to interior 72. Property GPS 2482
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