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Classic Car Show

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Host: @cavosavosk (Marko)
Assistant(s): @Tonio@Brian Kim


What is classic car show all about?

The event where most of car entushiasts from all around San Andreas join together, where you can show off your tuning skills to others and most importantly ROLEPLAY with others. This year we decided to change the rules a bit and we will be having only classic cars able to participate in the event (specific car models will be listed below).

Where is the car show going to take place?
The whole meeting will be in the sewers near Ocean Docks. We will place signs to direct you to the exact place one hour before the event starts.

How is classic car show going to look like?

You will bring your customized car to a location mentioned above. Marko Vanhanen and his team of judges will be then reviewing your vehicles. We will judge both your car looks and RP behind it, you can even include the story. Each presentation must be brief and short, don't do it very long as there will be other players aswell who want to present aswell.

What are the rules and requirements for all of this?

  • You can only use vehicles from this list
      Reveal hidden contents

    Any other vehicle which is not on this list won't be judged.

  • Your customizations and story needs to be realistic, we won't be judging vehicles which are looking unreal.



  • You need to follow orders from any staff member during the event. If for example moderator tells you to park your vehicle at some spot you need to park it there.
  • Begging the judges to review a certain vehicle may result into disqualification. We will go through each vehicle one by one.
  • If we find vehicle without an owner near it, we will simply skip the vehicle. You need to watch out in which direction is the team of judges going and be next to your car in right time.
  • Trolling or disrupting the event in any way is forbidden, it may result in server punishment depending on the handling admin.
  • If you crash during the presentation (doesn't matter if at the beggining or to the end), we will judge you only by what we saw. (Host and assistants may give you one more chance, depending on their will)

Rules and requirements can be changed, but only till 15:00 CET 16/06/2021.

We do not take responsibility if your car was not judged during the event because you decided to go roam around with it. If you would like to participate, stay with your car at one spot and we will eventually get to you.

DATE: 16/06/2021 Wednesday, 16:00 Central European Time (CET) (the same time as in /time ingame)

1st Position
 - 3khp Premier or Patriot (not armoured)
2nd Position - 500 000$
3rd Position - 250 000$


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