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  1. Would be better to add hotkeys for inventory i.e press I for inventory
  2. Your in-game name: Khalid King / Hector Gonzalez Date when the bug was found: 09/06/2021 What is the bug: Farming Explanation of the bug: SUGGESTIONS: Below are the suggestions that would help the players understand the farming script as a new player would be very confused on what to do; 1. Farming should be a job duty 2. Once you take the job it should display a text in chat explaining the procedure in simple way - it should also mark the farms on the map 3. The plowing progress spams the chat, it should be done some other way, perhaps on screen 4. More farms should be added, one may not be enough BUGS: 1. Whilst cultivating, you can drive over the same area again and again and still cultivate. Perhaps add checkpoints on the farm itself where you are suppose to drive 2. When planting the potato seeds, you do not lose the seeds from your inventory. (original amount = 110, after planting = 110) 3. After planting if you type (/farm harvest) its harvesting the plants but its also still planting the seeds (i guess you can fix this by forcing the player to type /farm plant potato again to cancel the planting process then he can start harvesting) 4. Planting / Harvesting without the RakeTrailer attached 5. In the seedshop, it says the potato sells for 1$ - I sold 238 potatos and got 88 instead I should have got 8 ? Video or picture:
  3. CraZe

    Weight system

    Could also make the system in volume for easier calculations 1x phone = 1 volume 1 weed seed = 0.5vol
  4. Your in-game name: Khalid King Date when the bug was found: 08/13/2030 What is the bug: Able to sell your own car at the scapyard Explanation of the bug: able to sell your own car at the scrapyard Video or picture: d
  5. CraZe

    server leader asap

  6. Amazing character development came to an a great end good luck with future
  7. Tom


    Punishment Received from : Toms

    Details : Stop topic bumping topics that have already been in-active. 


    1. AMR


      Hello sir, thank you for your concerns, the person was verbally warned for his behavior. Verbally since he has been doing good lately with no recent punishments. It's better that you use the report button next time, right next to the post itself.

      ((the literal report button: image.png.22f54eb8f17a06a0d7eda36ae6cddc1f.png))



      Ammy Davis

      (Valrise RP Staff Member)

    2. Tom



  8. this guy is actually gay LOOL

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    2. INFERNO


      imagine being craze

    3. CraZe


      u cant be me sorry im one of a kind

    4. Heats


      @INFERNO so when can I become helper.

  9. CraZe

    [BUYING] Huntley

    Vehicle: Huntley Preferably Armoured Drop your offers
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