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  1. can i get unbanned
  2. What is your in-game name? Don't remember Which staff member banned you? Dont remember When did you get banned? 05/14/2023 What is the ban reason? Mass DM Personal comment locmax can u unban mee
  3. I am well aware of the procedures and instructions regarding ban appeals especially bumping but can I get atleast some sort of answer? is it being reviewed or ignored, a reply would be nice... happy new year
  4. new year new me #Unban plsa

    1. 'Wes


      supported tbh. free ma nigga CraZe, he ain't done nun.

  5. What is your in-game name? Don't remember Which staff member banned you? Dont remember When did you get banned? 12/22/2022 What is the ban reason? DM Personal comment hello My last appeal not sure where it went but I am back looking for a last chance to play. I do believe I am on my third ban but of course my history is no good in terms of drama and chaos. However never have I been punished for DM or such in my time. This ban was completely intentional and was done to leave SAMP altogether but that didnt work. I shall be grateful if I am given another chance to play, you can ban me if I am making useless drama or rule breaking
  6. I have also ban evaded 2 - 3 times right after I was banned which lasted only a week.
  7. What is your in-game name? CraZe Which staff member banned you? - When did you get banned? 11/11/2021 What is the ban reason? Mass DM / Trolling etc Personal comment Hello. Couple of months ago I went on a DM spree and got myself banned on purpose to take a leave from the community. I realized what I have done was wrong and shall never be the way to take a break. It's been months since I have been banned however I don't believe normal ban criteria should apply to me. During my time away I have realized the sole misconception I have had for years that led to most of my bans and drama scenarios. I am willing to return without causing any dramas whatsoever. I just wish to spend the very little free time I have in roleplaying / DMing in turfs. ( I do not remember my IG name or the admin who have banned me )
  8. Except we don't know where the is the best place to discus this, we tried it on discord; they didn't provide an answer, we do it here; the topic gets locked, we bring it up some time after just like the document; and they say it happened ages ago
  9. --- PURELY FOR DISCUSSION - NO PROVOKING --- A situation occurred recently between TKGS and FBI where Simba (one of the leaders of TKGS) was held captive, for his rescue TKGS decided to raid the FBI HQ considering the number of FBI agents were not that many thus TKGS raided the building, eliminated everyone inside the building without anyone dying from their side and rescued Simba. All of this was roleplayed to the maximum level (with RPGs etc) with the permission of an administrator. Fujikawa was permanently banned for this situation. Now let's look at some pointers; 1. Simba is a key member of TKGS (high ranked) therefore his rescue was imminent 2. FBI did not have many people online during that incident, TKGS outnumbered them by a lot 3. TKGS roleplayed all of it properly 4. Permission was granted by an administrator 5. Valrise is/was a light/medium roleplay server 6. While it's a game, GTA V has a storymission where you attack a FBI HQ. SAMP is a game too especially valrise for a server is light roleplay / medium roleplay Looking at all of the above points grants a valid excuse to perform raid and rescue mission Onto the ''manipulating'' part of the punishment, here are the PM conversations between Fujikawa and Deckard; In the above screenshots, do you see any form of manipulation? It's a simple conversation between an administrator and a player who's requesting permission for something he believes is correct. We have seen plenty of cases where a player tells the admin to ban x player or the punishment is enough or this or that, does that count as manipulation too? We do not want Deckard to face any punishment but if he's given permission then what's wrong? Another part of the punishment reason is ''continuous trouble making and racketeering'' this is the most absurd part since fujikawa himself and rest of the TKGS leadership has 0 clue to what troubles he has made and the fact that he only has ONE WARNING on his record, how is he ''continuously trouble making'' if he has only one single warning? About the racketeering part, we don't know what is that for, let's hope we get answer for it. Management were approached regarding this issue but failed to get a reasonable response; bear in mind we are here to stir shit up simply want to get to the bottom of this issue and wish to ask the players as well as the management how this in any case is fair. Please discuss rationally and do not provoke as we do not want this topic to get locked
  10. nah lol get reported sit cry reply lOl
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