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  1. Very inspirational story, maybe I will make one too including the story of Khalid King
  2. CraZe

    State Vehicles

    Oh hey it's Silvester Aaron with his daily shitposting, spreading cancer and his autism levels seems to have reached a new height! I just checked your profile and every post is literally you spreading cancer. You act like you are a heavy rper and discourage others by replying with negative feedback when infact you can't even roleplay at basic level (throwback to the ''bank heist'' you did). ''ban retards'' I hope you realize you are worse than those players that you always disrespect and want them banned so desperately but it is you and only you who should be banned, not just banne
  3. CraZe

    State Vehicles

    Still need to fix Taxi paycheck and Thief vehicle list, other than it's good.
  4. Good community, looking forward to FiveM
  5. For this to work you would need to ensure that taxi driver job pays well, if someone decides to open a cab company he would receive benefits such as extra bonus. Another change you can implement is fuel capacity and it's cost. But for taxi drivers it will remain same as now. Thief vehicle list would need to be revised considering there are some vehicles on the list which no one uses and the pay should be increased as well since you would have to steal from players which will be hard. Newbies should have access to state cars parked at unity station. This woul
  6. >never asked ramo for cash >i ask pete because we share the willowfield ammunation as we bought it together with william during early days which u wouldnt know about so i share same ideology as you about not working later on >? so i have to pay for guns in pd too? (im not in pd) >the warehouse weapons are there for turfs, i use them for turfs, they are supposed to be used for turfs, you are acting like i have to pay for them which i dont lol and i put good use of those sniper >i put effort and time into things that interests me and i find useful, check my cha
  7. never said i am poor. my point is money shouldn't be a such a big concern in a samp roleplay server. play the game for fun instead of making racks that u will never get to spend properly
  8. imagine caring about cash in a samp server LoL
  9. Apply for SAMP then negro this was fun to read tbh
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