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  1. 9/5/2023: As per the reports, on this day the law enforcement agencies succesfully prevented an armed jewelry store robbery. After receiving a call from the dispatcher, the law enforcement agencies quickly arrived at the scene and set up a permimeter. Fortunately the robbers were lucky enough to make their escape through the back gate however their escape was not sucessful as they were cornered into a property. It was then Captain Raul Finney, the only high ranking personnel present on scene made the call to breach the propety. The breach was successful, and the robbers were taken down without any casualties. Lethal force was used to neutralize the threat. All of the stolen property was confiscated. * Captain Finney and a Police Officer securing a neutralized suspect. * This marks the excellent work of the law enforcement agencies involved in this operation. The quick response and efficient actions taken by the authorities ensured that the robbers were neutralized without any harm to civilians or law enforcement personnel. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ________
  2. 23/4/2023: Captain Raul Finney, along with his two deputies, recently carried out a successful operation to execute an arrest warrant against a dangerous criminal, Luis Delon. Delon had been on the run for months and was considered extremely dangerous. With great planning and strategy, Captain Finney and his team were able to surprise Delon and take him into custody. Delon was booked into jail for Battery & Assault. Captain Finney's bravery and skill have been commended, and the people of the county can feel safer with one more dangerous criminal off the streets. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________
  3. 21/04/2023: Earlier today, Raul Finney was on a wide county patrol along with Deputy Hector Estrada as there were numerous reports of narcotics production & distribution increasing rapidly in the County. As Finney & Estrada were driving along the dirt road at Fern Ridge, Red County, they saw a thin wisp of smoke rising in the distance it was then they knew they have stumbled upon an active heroin shack. A masked white asian male appeared to be producing heroin in there, Finney and Estrada acted quickly and blocked off the shack's entrace with their patrol car, upon engaging, the suspect attempted to reach for his weapon but Finney and Estrada were too quick. They had him him cuffed and on the ground in seconds. Upon performing a frisk on scene he was found in possesion of total three hundred and thirty threee grams of low grade heroin out of which around two hundred grams were confisticated. The suspect was then escorted to the West Vinewood Sheriff's Station and there he was booked and was identified as Diego Eskobar. The charges he got were posssesion of illegal substance(low grade heroin) and possesion of chemical agents. He was sentenced to serve time in prison for six months. Raul Finney; As Sheriff's Department Captain, I couldn't be more pround that, every gram of heroin we confisticate is potenially svaing someone's life, and it's a reminder of why we do and what we do. Our department is comitted to keeping the county safe and free from danger of drugs. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____
  4. 2019; Raul Gonzalez had always been a man of action, with a deep sense of duty and a desire to serve his country. However, after serving in the Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales, Raul was disillusioned with the corruption he saw within the Mexican government and military. He decided to leave his country behind and start a new life in San Andreas. It was there that he met the Finneys, a wealthy and influential family who were involved in the city's criminal underworld. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ 2019-2020; Raul was taken in by the Finneys and quickly rose through the ranks of their organization, the Central Side Crew. The Central Side Crew was a low-key mafia that operated behind the scenes, dealing in drugs, weapons, and other illicit activities. Under Raul's leadership as the trustee along with the three chairman of the board backing him, the Central Side Crew quickly became one of the most powerful criminal organizations in San Andreas. Their influence and reach expanded throughout the state, and they were able to stay under the radar of feds for many years. However, as time went on, the Central Side Crew's downfall began. Internal conflicts arose, and members of the organization began to turn on each other. The feds began to take notice of their activities and launched a major investigation into the crew's operations. In the end, all members of the Central Side Crew were arrested and convicted for a variety of crimes, including drug trafficking, illegal weapons manufacturing, and money laundering. Raul Finney, who had been the trustee and a key player in the organization, was also taken into custody and charged with multiple crimes. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ 2022 and continued; After serving his time in prison, Raul knew that he needed to make a change. He decided to turn his life around and pursue a career in law enforcement. He joined San Andreas Sheriff's Department, and worked hard to prove himself as a dedicated and trustworthy officer. Today, Raul Finney serves as a Captain in the Sheriff's Department, using his experiences and knowledge of the criminal underworld to help bring justice to the streets of San Andreas. Despite his past, Raul is determined to make a positive impact on his community and make up for the mistakes of his past.
  5. Prices have been reduced.
  6. VALUE(Didier Sachs); $879,123. PRICE; $5,000,000 PROFIT; IMAGE; VALUE(Victim); $885,284. PRICE; $5,000,000. PROFIT; IMAGE; VALUE(Sub-Urban); $428,648. PRICE; $2,000,000. PROFIT; IMAGE;
  7. Suppose a group which doesn't exist scriptwise has formed an alliance in-character wise with an existing scriptwise group, now if the existing group requests help from the non-existing group through roleplay means would that be also considered random aid?
  8. Raul

    Group Council

    In-game name: Raul Gonzalez. Registration date: 27th of May, 2018 (both forum and in-game.) Most recent punishment: None. Current group membership: Central Side Crew Leadership. Previous group membership: S.A.P.D Police Officer II & S.W.A.T Cadet. Motive for joining the council: To judge, give proper and unbiased opinions regarding groups discussion. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive: Honest, Talkative and Friendly if others are nice to me. - Negative: Taunting others, Extremely serious, I don`t like talking/chatting without a purpose.
  9. Raul

    Mudoo RPG Survey

    Better focus on roleplay activities instead of new features.
  10. Why would you create a Faction Council in a server like this?
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