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  1. Prices have been reduced.
  2. VALUE(Didier Sachs); $879,123. PRICE; $5,000,000 PROFIT; IMAGE; VALUE(Victim); $885,284. PRICE; $5,000,000. PROFIT; IMAGE; VALUE(Sub-Urban); $428,648. PRICE; $2,000,000. PROFIT; IMAGE;
  3. Suppose a group which doesn't exist scriptwise has formed an alliance in-character wise with an existing scriptwise group, now if the existing group requests help from the non-existing group through roleplay means would that be also considered random aid?
  4. Raul

    Group Council

    In-game name: Raul Gonzalez. Registration date: 27th of May, 2018 (both forum and in-game.) Most recent punishment: None. Current group membership: Central Side Crew Leadership. Previous group membership: S.A.P.D Police Officer II & S.W.A.T Cadet. Motive for joining the council: To judge, give proper and unbiased opinions regarding groups discussion. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive: Honest, Talkative and Friendly if others are nice to me. - Negative: Taunting others, Extremely serious, I don`t like talking/chatting without a purpose.
  5. Hey stop seeking attention by creating these kind of topics. OT: You do know they got these farms on their own, yet you are crying like a 10 y/o because you could'nt get them. I dont see any point of this discussion rather then crying.
  6. That is what players do here, excluding some who actually roleplay.
  7. It might since most of the people here roleplay with you by seeing your nametag. But you're kinda right as in those people wont even understand what metagame really is.
  8. Why does every discussion topic turns into trash talking?
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