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  1. okay, i see a point in that. downgrade everything, or nothing, cool enough.
  2. There were no bullet proof vehicles in the start of Mudoo, yet we managed to have fun, did we not? If BP level has decreased from 3k hp to 1.5k hp, then deal with it? I'm sure the BP vehicles were not there in 2019 as well, yet people managed to have fun. It isn't Valrise CnR, the reason those perks are being removed is so people can actually role-play. Do you know as a dealership when we try to sell/rent vehicles to players, there's no role-play, just "ok, transfer me vehicle now". How is that fun? The server is making these changes so people are more dependent, and it doesn't make sense for everyone to have bulletproof/armoured vehicles, that too 3k hp. Be grateful with what you're getting, and stop being whiney.
  3. LA crime rate is high, do you see people in LA roaming in BP cars, and extra armours and shit? No. Stop being whiney, and work with it. You're a senior administrator, it ain't a joke.
  4. Mudoo's taken a good step, noice.
  5. Got my exams, least I ask is everyone's prayer in our community for them, and my future ambitions

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ricky_Martin


      Yes habibi thank you @dellpacker

    3. AMR


      All the best for exams.

      And pray for me to i also have exams 

    4. Ricky_Martin


      @AMRi just got done w em yday but i will bud, for sure.

  6. I asked for your mods, you could simply hit me up, and say no if you didn't wanna. It wasn't me who was posting useless shit here anyway
  7. Would be good if you could lend me your car mods, thanks.
  8. I'm not sure if we find state cars lying around IRL. This removal was something I was against before, but it brings a great deal of RP in Mudoo, and is surely a way to promote more of it, making this equally fun. 50/50. Role-play needs to be promoted more and more, taxi jobs, hot dog vans(read in a diff post), dealership & other business activities can be increased as well. I know it's a dead client, but more effort in role-play could promote this server a lot and force newbies to learn something too. You don't stoop low down to other people's levels, rather bring them up to yours. NGL, this server has potential, although many veterans left over petty beefs between themselves and managements, OOC should be left out of such.
  9. Needed more factions and no one better than Paco to start one, good luck my guy.
  10. https://forum.valrisegaming.com/index.php?/topic/13363-the-rj-customs-based-in-sf-services-start-today/
  11. Ask the management, it is for a group. "R&J Customs" mate, how is my GROUP, which is a group of TUNERS as Mudoo'ians say it, who fix vehicles as well, supposed to role-play? On streets? "HELO WE FEX CERS HERE, THES OUR STRET". Ask the management, maybe. @Pedro.And what would the price be, if you mention "cost", please mention the cost as well.
  12. p.s, i checked that garage works fine as hell
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