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  1. Remove any files that are not related to either the main GTA San Andreas game, or SA-MP. If you don't know how to do that, uninstall and then reinstall the game to get a clean copy of it, from a reliable source. This will guarantee that you will not have any hacks installed with the game without your knowledge.
  2. You have been unbanned. If you are caught using it again there will not be a second chance.
  3. It is, that is why I asked you if you installed any modifications to the game recently but you replied that you did not. Replace the corrupted file with a clean one, and you will be unbanned. Don't ever use any kind of modification to the game that gives you an unfair advantage over other players, you should know better than this already.
  4. Please record a footage of yourself running in a front line in any SA-MP server like you showed me in game, and post it here.
  5. Some servers may allow you to use this kind of modification that makes you unable to fall off from a bike, but we do not. Remove this modification from your game, and I might consider unbanning you.
  6. I have personally never seen someone doing that, but I may have simply missed it. Instead of complaining about it, you should actually report it to people who can actually take care of it and punish those who break the regulations. People will always break the rules, but if nobody reports them then they will never get punished. (The "you" in this sentence refers to everyone who sees someone breaking the server rules and/or PD regulations, not necessarily Assassin alone)
  7. If he managed to neutralise you, a possible threat, without firing a single bullet then I'd say he is pretty knowledgeable and experienced in his line of duty. You want to tell me that if it was the other way around, you wouldn't try to kill the criminal that arrived there only for the smuggle?
  8. Sorry, I didn't know there was a level restriction to join SWAT.
  9. You may have not shot it, but one of your friends did apparently. Eduardo knows better than to just shoot without a purpose, trust me. When Eduardo pressed on the fire button I can guarantee you he wasn't able to target the missiles to the one (or more) person who shot him.
  10. You keep complaining that you can't take a Hydra down, we keep telling you that you don't have to but you still choose to ignore it and do as you please. This above is something you never take into consideration. The Hunter/Hydra will NOT attack on foot civilians as long as you are not attacking the air vehicle. Once you attack the air vehicle by any way, he is free to attack you in return, it's only fair. Straight from the deployment logs of the heavy air vehicles, here is a proof that we do not neglect the rule above: Since the addition of heavy vehicles to the police department at September fourth 2018, the tank was never deployed to a situation. Every story has two sides, this means the actual way things happened: I can guarantee you that if that SWAT operative went there only to DM you, he wouldn't have cuffed you.
  11. Jelly

    Mudoo Players

    This is exactly what you don't see in here, just the mere fact that you are suspected (or alternatively, about to be suspected as you're performing a crime) does not grant you the ability to shoot every cop you see on sight, assuming he is there to arrest you or even worse, take you down. Also, you were not interrupted at all - You decided to relate Elias to your scene for a reason that I can't understand. Elias here, like with many other people in general and cops in particular in various daily situations got caught in the wrong place in the wrong time but you as a player was not correct here either. Yes, it was an unfortunate mistake but the responsibility falls on you and not on Elias for passing by. People miss some chat messages when they are not focused, it's nothing new. But you as a criminal that is currently committing a crime should not engage a cop let alone start a shootout with a bunch of them. You should run away, considering that very specific police officer that has reached your position (regardless if he interacts with you or not) is still a police officer and you are not some immortal that can not die - You should not go rampage and kill someone just because he's wearing a uniform, not everyone is there to arrest you. Matthew had no intention of humiliating, hurting the feelings of, shaming or pointing fingers at anybody in this community in particular. What he did was posting a video, chatlogs and conversation logs that are relevant to the situation. You want the full conversation logs and videos? I can give you them very easily, the only issue that you will face is that there is too much irrelevant information (irrelevant = not related to the topic of discussion) that is just going to confuse you or steer you away from the subject. The reason this topic was submitted is very simple; To address a very specific and very common mindset that many people seem to have around, they like shooting cops and some of them commit crimes just so they can shoot cops, for the fun in it. You want to tell me that it's not a wrong mindset to have? You want to argue with someone here that it is somehow acceptable to shoot every cop you see just because you assume he is going to arrest you, considering he even knows who you are and what you are doing? The only horrible example here is the player's, and Jamal is just the person that ended up being in the spotlight. If it wasn't him then it'd just be another person, it's a recurring issue and the list only grows.
  12. Jelly

    Mudoo Players

    While we do want to hear your opinions about this matter, I'd like to also remind you that you must respect each other in the forum as well. Please do not insult or disrespect any other person or group of individual, or your post will be removed from the eyes of the public.
  13. You were banned for a reason. What would change if I lift your ban? You didn't even try to apologise for what you did, and it does not matter at all when you were banned.
  14. You were unbanned, and the punishment will be removed from your history. But for the next time, please don't pay such people any attention and don't respond to them. Giving out any information about the other server for the public can be defined as advertising, so be careful next time.
  15. Ban appeal rejected, player ban evaded and did the same thing he was banned for under a different account.
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