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  1. tbh in the end management won't do it either lol
  2. already seen here you are not too expert on the RP server
  3. Michelle


    Why do we have to teach them to roleplay on roleplay server? especially if they do not want to try to develop at all and try to learn????????
  4. And you should know they will get unban in a week.
  5. https://streamable.com/bopc87 This is the average roleplay on this server now as an example, meanwhile UC admin took my reports ( Because I did report both of em for random robbing) and that UC admin did not interact with me at all, I'm no longer understand where this is going to, pretty bs.
  6. The points are very hit. Indeed, almost all populations on this server have been like that a long time ago, even though you have reported what happened then what they did? None. They discus for hours and do not take any actions to punish them because for the reason of new players, They do not know to speak english properly, well this dammit this a roleplay server. Of course you have to know the concept roleplay, it is stale if some staff team bring the reason if this is a light rp server or medium of all kinds, there is no effect at all because of roleplay server then you need to do freakin
  7. What do you mean is not good about removing players map icons? of course it's good because people will try to find someone to roleplay without having to talk through public chat (and also as well as possible to disable public chat because it is filled with toxic arguments and such) and so on, what I've seen lately is players it has gone up so fast and players only do random robbing because they see someone's blips being alone and they immediately beat him without giving obvious reasons, this has happened quite often in the past two years, and besides, staff team are not really so strict with p
  8. Wha-..Roleplay? When, where? Show us lol. dang im suspecting you need glasses man
  9. All you do is do terrorist activities and shit, Which causes damage and full of drama on the server.
  10. What is your in-game name? Aiko_Carterr Which staff member banned you? Management When did you get banned? 01/29/20 What is the ban reason? Blatant deathmach, extensive punishment history Personal comment Hello, I don't want to talk at length. I have explained everything in unban appeals before through Marcello. I've done a break for a few more months, I'm ready to follow the rules that are already exists in Mudoo, you can keep my promise this time. I'm here to do roleplay and help my Corleon
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