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  1. Alrighty retard, you don't need )) but other then that, you were killed by FBI not LeT. Plus you need a passport to live here legally and roam around if you want, it's ok. Otherwise you are considered as an immigrant and you will get deported back to LS, easy. Don't like the passport? Don't get it, get arrested and get kicked out. Escape from the arrest, get shot at.
  2. if you read this, you have big gay

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    2. Smith


      np, now ur at least relevant

    3. Luzziz
    4. Smith


      can you stop saying thank u?


      thank u

  3. wow very popuar model on instagram, 8 followers


  4. i lost my virginity, can u help me?
  5. Im really poor and i could use a car Thank u, drbrain good governor
  6. mini me has shit memes
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