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  1. What have you learned from this experience (getting banned, being impatient about it, etc) and how do you plan to stay unbanned considering your awful punishment history within just a month?
  2. One more appeal before said date and it's another month. (Instead of appealing on November 14th it will be December 14th)
  3. Your punishment history is full of shit and yet you are here calling us bias and that we only listen to "donators". Try again in a month.
  4. You better be so, because if you show any signs of toxicity, you won't be getting unbanned any time soon. Unbanned.
  5. You aren't banned, use a VPN or restart your router.
  6. I witnessed your robbing spree myself along with a manager, you even deathmatched an admin so quit playing dumb or I'll make you wait longer. 2 weeks from yesterday. (16th) Do not appeal until then.
  7. You were constantly robbing everyone you spot with your two friends with little to no roleplay, and the timespan between your roleplay (aka /s handsup) and shooting the victim is about 5 seconds, which resulted in 3/4 of those you robbed being killed, you were looking for nothing but shootouts. You and your friends can try again in 2 weeks.
  8. Unbanned and forced on CAC, install it from valrisegaming.com/cac
  9. What have this experience taught you and how would you react in a situation where you disagree with an admin?
  10. You aren't banned, try using a VPN or restarting your router.
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