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  1. Hey! How are you guys doing nowadays? Depression? Sad? Wanna kill yourself?..


    1. Nitro
    2. Carl Brook

      Carl Brook

      dunno why, but yea

    3. Ed


      Luzziz my G, still slanging the white in svenska - how are /you/ doing.

  2. Luzziz


    It has come to my attention that the government agency called FBI has directors that's just playing around/trolling and should get removed in my own opinion, it's disgusting to see a volunteer be treated this way or someone new to this community. If FBI exists to have people driving around yelling stupid shit, I would rather see the whole agency removed from the server since it's just bringing poor roleplay to the gameplay, this might be IC matters, but it's just pathetic in my eyes to see high ranked players troll around with new people and act like they are gods on the server and drive aroun
  3. Do I have a problem if I have no serotonin left in my body? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Luzziz


      yeah 12 inches deep in your mom HHHHHHHHHH

    3. In Memoriam

      In Memoriam

      Mom jokes? really? 🙄

    4. CraZe



  4. Luzziz


    people are just too lazy to grind, that's why they want sell prices increased.
  5. timon got the smallest pepe in this community, this is true.


    1. Solis


      stfu kid timon has no pepe at all

    2. Silvester_Aaron


      why you saw it last night and made a status about it on forums or something cus u were disappointed?

    3. Ramo


      I agree with both of the statements above.

  6. wtf u didnt add "worst hacker"? I would've won that shit with my budget troll hacks.
  7. big bitches is the bitches you wanna fuck, cuz they can't run away from you when u chasin them.

    1. TiMoN



    2. Mikal


      I started chasing yo momma once, but then I realised I have standards.

  8. gotta love the fishy stink when you pass by some stanky ass girl

    1. Kacper


      you smell of svedish farm 

    2. Trytee


      man i was talking to a bitch 2 weeks ago and her mouth had that fucking  rotten fish smell, i was trying to back off from her gently smh

  9. Greetings fellow mudoo players.

    I would like to say good morning and have a great day! 

  10. Luzziz

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Moderator(1) @HaMzy Resigned as Lead Administrator(4) @Trytee
  11. Luzziz

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Server Manager(5) @VIKING
  12. Luzziz


    Good Bye Bro . Hope U Feeling Ok . Best Regards Luzziz .
  13. 2019/08/01


    Hola fuckfaces..


    New month, new possibilities is what I use to say.. having vacation now so I drink like a swine everyday and starting to text girls left and right???? Well I can't see anything wrong with it but I'm having a hard time handling it because of my alcohol problems boysss sooo if anyone is up, I want to have an AA meeting here on MG. If you guys are free, you can hook me up in dms or in a post god damn it I need to lower my drinking ASAP. 


    Regards Luzziz.


    #alcohol #wild #cantstopme #whoami #vaccay #needhelp #drinkingproblems #vodka #redbull #diabetesbefore30 #haram

    1. CockaBall-Torture


      Just suicide instead of drinking and donate the money to help wild animals faggot

  14. Luzziz

    Staff Roster

    Fired as Moderator(1): Staz
  15. 2019/07/07

    My time has come to go away from the computer for 4 days now again because of work. I've been up for 24 hours, been eating 1 hot dog and I'm gonna wake up 5am tomorrow, It feels great to be in this shape right now, so i'll say goodnight to y'all and see you around when I'm back.

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