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  1. It’s true that i was an asshole when i decided to leave but that don’t deny the fact that I was decent and helpful to new players both while being part of the staff team or as a player. I can’t change your opinion if you chose to focus only on the bad side.
  2. I can’t exactly remember what happened last time but i wasn’t in a very good mental state at the time and now that everything has changed there won’t be anymore issues
  3. What is your in-game name? Denzel_Lee Which staff member banned you? reload When did you get banned? 04/20/20 What is the ban reason? multi-accounts Personal comment just wanna play the server again lol
  4. What is your Discord account? chris brown#6969 When did you get banned? 04/20/20 What is the ban reason? trolling Personal comment not sure about the date but it was long ago
  5. cAnT sAy iM haPpY hOnesTly
  6. Damn it, the release date is E S T I M A T E D, again, ESTIMATED, that means we aren’t sure if it will be delayed or not, so we gave a fully approximate date. It’s a few days off the estimation and people are already freaking out.

  7. More mini-missions, minor bug changes like dm arena teammates cannot kill each other, applies in duels too. Maps look very good to me since I did not play in the old AG, but still renewing them for veterans would be appreciated. Improving the class selection style when logging in: you can't tell which one you're selecting because the color shades are similar.
  8. Your in-game name [SAPC]Rogue[1A] You real life age 19 Your country and timezone Tunisia GMT+1 How do you describe yourself as a person I don't like talking too much about myself so i'll keep it short. I'm a calm person most of the times until someone provokes me, I don't appreciate childish behaviours or trolling but I like to have fun at the same time. I like everything organized and clean. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? To help improve the gaming experience in this server by ensuring a clean gam
  9. lol stfu with those tags already, didn't we suffer enough? we don't need another brain here.
  10. This is not twitter, keep your tags to another topic
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