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  1. stuff looks nice, are there gonna be peds we are gonna be able to be interact with? just for example something along the lines of the drug dealer on MudooRPG right now
  2. acting like this is such a revolutionary change. maybe you should consider doing something that would actually have an impact on the server. maybe reform the staff team, SAPD, the community?
  3. It's more like late 2018 when everything went to shit. counting from the RP level to SAPD, staff team etc
  4. common sense is what most admins/moderators dont have. They grew up in servers like this and cant think outside forum and ig /rules and dont have any experience being staff on any server that has RP standards like mudoo. Admins arent trained well enough and people who actually have common sense probably wont get hired because of favouriteism and because they dont actually take mudoo that seriously 50% of the time and dont have the cleanest record. I'd be willing to administrate the server 24/7, put all my heart to 3 applications to become a helper and did as much good deeds ig as i could arou
  5. i dont necesarrily think this is character development at its best but uh... i dont think you'll find the RP level you deserve in PD, not even in this server dude.
  6. you dont have anything to counter it besides with that?
  7. why u texting in bold doe doesnt make u look any wiser or cooler lol
  8. its pretty realistic to call for atleast one additional unit when you are dealing with a felony traffic stop, its actually in PD guidelines lmao
  9. scripting doesnt solve shit problems heres what do: >kicking incompetent staff members >not abusing ur own players as community managers >not pushing the server down the road of bullshit and then just laughing it off
  10. still, people cant just be wishing good luck at plain garbarge thats just bullshit (??????) (????????) ur a bit too in the paki support team field arent u
  11. im gonna be trolling for a while, then I'm leaving for good lol
  12. What am I supposed to do? Wish good luck and fuel their ego? This is kindergarten bullshit "well you cant have standards if you didnt reach those standards yourself" Yes I do because I am a consumer. its their job to make a good topic, do good RP. Same IRL. I don't critique restaurants because i didnt prepare the dogshit that was on the plate myself? you gotta have standards, which mudoo does not have and that is why this server has gone to waste.
  13. I'm here to talk with people about the current state of mudoo, not people trying to defend their petty mafias trying to find loopholes to go through to attack me because of my thoughts lol. can you stop and if you want to we can argue more in PMs?
  14. "idk why but the majority of the screens involve planning to do crimes or doing crimes? cus THATS i was talking bout the earlier sentence, commiting or plamnning crimes is nothing close to character development in my opinion" I mentioned character development, not screens that involve your character shitting himself in bed. get ur shit straight .
  15. ? could you speak english or something some other screens
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