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Drug Transport


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What is drug transport event?

The event which has the biggest attendance in the server. The event that magically brings over dozens of players from other servers just for an hour or two. The event that embraces this server like no other event with large scale shootouts and battles between police and criminals. The event that shows what could've been the daily norm if we just weren't persistent on pushing some roleplay standards and rules.


How does drug transport event work?

The police transport a set of securicar vehicles from LSPD to Angel Pine Police Department, then to San Fierro Police Department, then to Las Venturas Police Department and finally to Ocean Docks. The goal of criminals is to hijack the securicar and deliver it to Ocean Docks themselves. If the securicar is destroyed - both sides lose. The side that delivers the securicar to the destination is the winning side. The criminals receive the large quantity of drugs whilst the police receive monetary payment.


Event rules

Will be announced shortly before the event.


When will this event occur?

On the 19th of June, 2021 at 17:00 CET


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Did you know?

During the first Drug Transport both teams failed as all members of SAPD died with the decoy and the transport truck getting destroyed!

You can now watch it here from my Google Drive SA:MP archive:

Drug Transport of June 1st 2019

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