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  • 01 July 2022      07 July 2022

    Global War Event

    START: 01/07/2022 - 17:00 CET

    What is this event? And how does it work?
    Global war is a server event where all participating groups are allowed to kill other war participant group members on-sight w/o any sort of interaction. It basically is a free for all but b/w groups.

    During a group war, kills - deaths - captures - defends count for each group, they can be viewed using /groupwars

    So far VCS, Gvardia, VLA, NBA, NSV, CSM, & TCC have registered for the global war event. Groups participating in the global war war are displayed in /groupwars with a green color.

    Will cops be allowed to shoot at us?
    Yes, cops are allowed to engage if they observe any groups in-combat. And if you have a problem with that, you can fight in remote areas instead, such as BC, SF, TR, etc where cops don't usually patrol, this would decrease the chances of you getting third partied by them while you are fighting someone.

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  • 14 June 2022

    Host: @James
    Assistant(s): @Ben$on @AIM @Yuri @ChrisS @Hammy
    What is group wars tournament?
    Group Wars is a planned 4v4 team deathmatch event to be hosted in a controlled environment [RC Grounds]. Crews of two people will fight each other round per round till the grand prize.
    The weapons at disposal for the matches will be Desert Eagle, Shotgun (or combat if both teams agree) and M4.
    Each crew will begin at the opposite side of the Arena and will await for the go from the event holster to begin the match. There's no time limit - the match ends once all two members of a crew are dead.
    How does group wars tournament work?
    Once we have the full list of crews to participate in the event, we will draw them in random matches. The winner of each match will be drawn with another winner, and so on, till we end up with 2 crews, who will then fight in the final for the grand prize.

    [there is no limit on how many teams can register from one group]
    The winning crew in a match will be the one who eliminate all two members of the opposite crew firstly.

    How do we participate in the group wars tournament?
    A crew consists of four people (including the team leader). To apply your crew to participate in the event, use the following form to post in this topic:

    For more information: https://forum.valrisegaming.com/index.php?/topic/25724-birthday-event-group-wars-tournament/

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