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BIRTHDAY CEREMONY - 2 years of Mudoo

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It is with great esteem that we announce the server's birthday ceremony for the public. Ironically, due to the great success that our release was, we could not properly celebrate the community's first birthday (due to an overload of requests, to-do's and whatever else came across our path). Now, in the second year of Mudoo, we wanted to celebrate in style. Therefore, we forward an open invitation to those who are the true soul of the community: our players.




Saturday, June 22, 17:00 (server time).



In the SA:MP RPG server (the invitation is extended to the SA:MP TDM players, and we'd be much honoured to have you lot present) - in-game location is yet to be disclosed and will be announced in the upcoming days.



We will celebrate the community's birthday with a rememoration of the past, a celebration of the present and thoughtful remarks for the future.


As well, we will be announcing the winners of the Mudoo Awards and other surprises for the players (keep this in mind!), to be announced at the event! A series of special events will also take part in this day.



We will soon announce measures to be taken to make sure (nearly) everyone's able to celebrate with us.

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38 minutes ago, Volume said:

And we do expect more and more progress of Mudoo. 

Always happens

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12 hours ago, Silvester_Aaron said:

Can we have all cars restocked as your birthday gift to us?


Who knows... 🧐

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Dean actually left the Community Management team as he has no time to manage the community any further. He however still designs for the community. :)


I have to work that day, I have a late shift and might be home after 23CET.

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Been in this community for less than 2 months, but i feel like i have been playing since the launch of the server, HBD

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