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  1. I afk 10 minutes because nothing's happening and get rekt. Anyway 2/3 times this event has happened the truck has gotten destroyed, needs ~10k hp next time.
  2. ? I had nothing to do with your ban so I'm not sure why you're posting some random shootout with me as "proof" that you're not aimbotting or whatever. I appreciate that you think so highly of me that I can't even login at 3am on a Friday night and lose a 1v1 without you making a video out of it though. I have absolutely zero knowledge on what lead to your ban. But I decided to take 10 minutes out of my day just to investigate out of curiosity, and I will say that 1:20 in your video is extremely suspicious. You either got very lucky with your recoil or you're using something that alters the recoil of your weapon(s). The only shots you missed on Ted_Woods were ones where your crosshair was not on him. You do not miss a single shot due to recoil. Of course that could be luck, hard to tell from one video.
  3. The failure to RP /frisk was a 5 minute jail, it's not related to your ban, they were separate forum reports. You're banned for shooting Tom without giving him time to react to your RP. You have a history of rule-breaking and so the punishment was more severe, but I was more or less curious to hear your side of the story. What you need to understand is that you need to give people time to react before shooting them, writing one /l and then shooting 2 seconds later isn't going to cut it. Anyway, you'll be unbanned tomorrow, locked 'till then.
  4. Your punishment history is extensive and just a few weeks ago you were banned for excessively breaking the rules. You were jailed after being forum reported for frisking & robbing without RP, I checked logs and confirmed this was true. What I want you to explain to me is how you think it is reasonable to shoot someone 2 seconds after you say "handsup".
  5. This event occurred in the Royale CASINO, it is an official casino, you scammed someone there and so you will be punished accordingly.
  6. I don't need your personal comment when the proof is clear. You scammed him inside a casino which is against the rules, whether or not it is a government owned casino is irrelevant. He was playing a fair game with you and you decided to try and scam him out of his money because you lost. If you can't handle losing your money, don't gamble.
  7. Are you playing at an internet cafe shop or something similar?
  8. Nazi shit aside, it's an unrealistic use of the attachment system. If you want to RP a Nazi go for it; by all means stroll around preaching white nationalism- so long as it is done in-character and in a realistic fashion. The larger issue here is that you seem to be unable to communicate without being excessively arrogant and disrespectful. You think an admin made a bad decision? Being an asshole isn't going to solve the problem. As Mikro said: So the question is: If you were to be unbanned, would you be capable of behaving in a respectful manor? Gonna need more than an :ok-pepe:.
  9. Didn't I already deny this? Make another one lying and I'll just forum mute you.
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