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  1. I afk 10 minutes because nothing's happening and get rekt. Anyway 2/3 times this event has happened the truck has gotten destroyed, needs ~10k hp next time.
  2. The more you keep pushing this whole "check me now" thing just convinces me more that you were aimbotting earlier and this is your attempt to prove your innocence.
  3. Because it is better than nothing. Trust me, if myself or any other the other developers had the skills, motivation, & time required to make our own client side anti-cheat for this server, we'd be doing it. Nothing would make me happier than removing all the cheaters from Mudoo.
  4. This proves nothing, anyone can run an .exe from outside the game folder.
  5. I didn't watch the video, not that my opinion would mean anything. There's been videos I've watched of people I've thought were hacking and they weren't, there's been people who I knew for years who uploaded videos that I watched & never knew they were actually cheating until they told me later (no one related to this community, don't get any conspiracy theories going). Point is there's a lot of smooth aimbots & what not out there that make it very hard to tell if someone is aimbotting in a video.
  6. Who in SWAT is aimbotting?
  7. You mean the 2006 game you've spent thousands of hours of your life on? Yes. Also I don't think Dizzy is 15 or Indian tbh. Don't wanna have to deal with someone checking your PC? Don't cheat. No one with a clean history is getting TV'd for cheats.
  8. Yeah and I'm sure many players would rather not have to play against a cheater, if you choose to cheat and ruin the experience for other players then you're gonna lose some of your liberties.
  9. Usually? No. When you've been previously banned 4 times for aimbot? Yes.
  10. ? I had nothing to do with your ban so I'm not sure why you're posting some random shootout with me as "proof" that you're not aimbotting or whatever. I appreciate that you think so highly of me that I can't even login at 3am on a Friday night and lose a 1v1 without you making a video out of it though. I have absolutely zero knowledge on what lead to your ban. But I decided to take 10 minutes out of my day just to investigate out of curiosity, and I will say that 1:20 in your video is extremely suspicious. You either got very lucky with your recoil or you're using something that alters the recoil of your weapon(s). The only shots you missed on Ted_Woods were ones where your crosshair was not on him. You do not miss a single shot due to recoil. Of course that could be luck, hard to tell from one video.
  11. I'm glad you recognize their wrongdoings. I like many others are still waiting for the apology that usually comes to express remorse after such actions though. As I said in a previous post that is now hidden, I'm aware Matthew puts a lot of effort into the server. I appreciate what he does in terms of development and I'm sure many people do too. But being a good developer doesn't give you a free pass to do whatever you please without consequence (at least it shouldn't). If you wanna go off-topic and talk about abuse or doing things for your own pleasure you're free to PM me and we can discuss why you're no longer a staff member.
  12. Well you could at least post the full context of the quotes... At no point in time did I tell people not to login and I assure you I give more of a shit about this server than you do. Don't talk about activity when you come and go as you please reinstating to moderator whenever it suits you. Continuing to act unprofessional and insult people in this very topic so that I have to remove your posts despite the fact that you're supposed to a representative of our staff team. I involved myself despite being fairly inactive because I knew no one else was going to step up to the plate and investigate what actually happened. As was demonstrated when Leonardo threatened to remove me just for checking the logs. Hence why I said I show up when "things get spicy" because it's good for the community to have "checks and balances". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Separation_of_powers#Checks_and_balances Full context: Also I login more than once a week, I was trying to give a humble response and not come off as arrogant.
  13. I'll keep this short & just summarize my final thoughts: For me, this is a lot less about the two individuals being FBI and a lot more about them being community managers & faction leaders. If this was two random FBI agents, it would still be an issue, but it would not have been a big enough issue for myself and many others to involve themselves. Matthew is a community manager and FBI Director while Leonardo is an SAPD Command Advisor & some high rank in FBI while also being a community manager. Instead of trying to help the volunteer, they encourage him to kill a cuffed suspect (after Matthew already identified himself) & act in general extremely irresponsibly throughout the entire situation. But the BIGGER problem, in my opinion, is not the situation itself, but the response. Instead of admitting that mistakes were made, we get a response from Matthew where he lies about what happened (saying the FBI never identified themselves) and then locks the forum topic. Then Leonardo posts a rant on #announcements in the SAPD discord blaming the PD for what happened and the resulting "drama". Neither community manager was willing to accept that they did anything wrong, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. Had they just been capable of admitting that they acted irresponsibly and apologized, this situation would have long been over by now. But it's clear to me now that the community managers care more about their reputations than the well-being of the community, had they not been so arrogant and been capable of admitting they made a mistake there would not be such outrage; instead all we got was lies & the suppression of information via admin power.
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