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  1. Hope you still alive and well

    1. AMR


      what happened to him?

    2. In Memoriam

      In Memoriam

      he went completely missing and nobody knows anything about what happened to him , the last discord message i've received of him was on april during the outbreak which he suddenly vanished right after ,, the fallout of this pandemic has affected many people both physically and psychologically wherever he is right now i hope is doing well.

  2. "Bone County Governor" On 12th of December-2019, BC Governor Daryl Reznov announced his resignation and also the new elections for the position of BC Governor. At this announcement total, 5 candidates applied to appear in the BC Elections out of which 4 were officially accepted as candidates running for the position of BC Governor. The election was held on 21st of December-2019 between the candidates: Voters were comprised of I-Bone County Civilians, II-Supporters of BC-GOV and III-Some handpicked voters by the BC-GOV.
  3. Team Name: Natural Born Killers. Team Members: Reis_Mucahit, Marcus Gregory, Raven Gambino, Saman Gautam, Roronoa Zoro Team Leader: Reis_Mucahit Team Skin ID: 230
  4. "The Bone County Regulations" Release of the laws related to 'Properties', 'Vehicles' & 'Personal Acts' Murder: The unlawful killing of any person is classified under crime and is punishable by death. The person charged for murder shall be publicly executed as a sign of justice and to prevent any such further crime. Kidnapping: Restricting someone to stay at certain place against their will or choice and holding them as a captive is classified under crime and is punishable by a jail sentence. Theft: T
  5. "Fort Carson Mayor" After the ceaseless efforts of BC-GOV, Fort Carson town can now be finally called as a well developed town. Along with the help of Mr.Alvin Scott we managed to transform this town into a much more developed town. With the help of BCR Fort Carson town is now a lot more crime free than ever. We are pleased to announce Mr. Alvin Scott as the new Mayor for town Fort Carson and hope for the best in future. The Fort Carson Mayor is now considered as the head for town and is responsible for the developments and problems occurri
  6. A sign of "Terror" or "Danger" has been added at the main entrance of Hunter Quarry. Passing the Hunter Quarry until these signs are present is forbidden and can lead to an arrest.
  7. "The Bone County legal trucking license & regulations" After looking at the current employment status of Bone County, the Government has come to a conclusion that farming scheme isn't enough to cover the employment for all the civilians.We have decided to introduce "legal trucking" with licenses & regulations to satisfy the needs of civilians. The trucking regulations are stated as follows: We strictly believe that the resources of Bone County must go in safe hands and may not become a cause of tragedy for the innocents. Hence why, it has been decided that the transport of r
  8. Its the rpg case which was seized from you at el quebrados my friend!
  9. Team Name: Friends Squad Team Members: Reis Mucahit, Cyrus Reznov, Osama Billadin, Maxim Perez.
  10. I am looking for Nrg Willing to pay upto 3M.
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