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  1. craze can you give me your weapons pack mod link please?
  2. Nice skills. Weapons mod pack link please?
  3. What's wrong here? i want to play in this server but it requires a password?
  4. I told you I don't mean to report or something to kacper. I wanted to show you that it's normal to have misunderstood situations. They shoot me and I didn't have time to put handsup command so I prefered to run and kill them later and they will put me in the jail for no reason if I surrendered. Now backing to our issue. I don't know what to tell you but my last two words I could say I apologize for what happened to the officers and I apologize to admins I swear I didn't mean to break rules,forgive me all mudoo's players,and sorry to my group LET I will leave every thing tha
  5. I had in my hand 2000 I didn't talk about atm because money in atm I use it to buy fabrics and metals to my group,also I didn't want to pay in atm for cops they were breaking law like speeding so why would I pay? Also it's not about traffic it's about they are calling more and more cops so waiting more than that they will destroy us easy with their huge numbers that are increasing. Dont think that 5vs10 mean we break the rule that says we are outpower,no the battle was crazy close we knocked 8 of them and 2 were about to die but sadly we lost the battle but power was similar even tho
  6. No no no,I didn't escape, I told him i have only 2000 if you like I pay,he refused and called his friends in discord to get more numbers just because they lost first battle with me,sorry I mean because I didn't have money. So if you read rules I can kill cops if I have a good reason. I see many kill a cop for a fine reason. So please hope u stop saying im breaking rules. Its clear they called back-up at first and they tried to make me pay even when I hadn't money One more thing the second battle we weren't 3 we were about 5 I think. Raees didn't come alone
  7. Did you read what I wrote in my reason? It's okay I will repeat it. But let me tell you a funny fact about the cop who pulled me, that he was speeding 150+ without siren or reason to went that fast and he stopped me for breaking law,im sure everyone will agree with me that cops are the most laws breakers. Okay lets back to the point. As i told you do you consider them that they didn't prepare for the battle? Their numbers and calling their other cops in radio and discord ,they were all in my place just because I didn't have money to pay,trust me it's not about m
  8. What is your in-game name? Elijah_Smith Which staff member banned you? Declan_Finny When did you get banned? 05/13/19 What is the ban reason? Poor role-play & Deathmatch Personal comment What happened to get banned? I don't know what's wrong to ban me for this reason, but what happened that i had a fight 2 times in short time with cops. What happened that they always when they see me they point at me because they know that i have always good amount of heroin all the time, so one of th
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