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  1. Whether it was or was not your intention is out of the question. You did it, period. It is blatant disrespectful copying content where others spend hours, if not days on making them. All the other nonsense you said does not really matter, does it? You still copied and pasted them on another forum. Nevertheless, as a veteran you know very well that we will deny your ban appeal when found banevading. You can try (just as you did in your ban appeal) lying that another person played on your PC, however sometimes you just cannot spoof everything. Sometimes you have to accept you fucked up and got cought. Especially if you change your story multiple times (is it your brother or a friend?). I reviewed the logs and I can verify that no mistake happened; you clearly banevaded. You can try to convince us somewhere after March 2021, though tell us the truth without blaming others when doing so. Denied.
  2. You're banned for the same reason as in our SA:MP roleplay server. I honestly dont see any reason to unban you from our Discord server, however try to convince me.
  3. Hopefully you've learned from it. Advertise again and you're out for good. Unbanned.
  4. Were you aware that Joseph_Tito was a hacker? Think thoroughly what you're going to reply.
  5. .. and yet you stored those RPG's in your property. Your appeal is denied. You can appeal again once you're willing to tell me everything (this includes what happened 4 days ago aswell), or ask your friend to do it instead.
  6. 1) It is not the first time that you are involved with a weapon hacker who spawns weapons for you. Reminder: 4 days ago. 2) The story you wrote seems to be bullshit. I checked the server logs and nowhere did one of the hackers tell you about trading or dropping weapons. You had in fact a very short PM conversation with one of them where you confirmed that there were no administrator ingame and talked about vehicle trunks. Do note that I was overseeing the situation the whole time, including reading your chat messages. Will you man up and be honest?
  7. If I were you I would start telling the truth.
  8. Did you remove the money hack from your computer?
  9. 29 april 2020 You kept switching from police duty to civilian and tried to give a gun to your friend twice; once at 07:07:57 and once at 10:28:10. Sam Winters sent you at 10:35:17 an admin PM to inform you that you arent allowed to use the police weapons off duty 1 may 2020 Despite the warning of Sam Winters two days ago, you decided to abuse the bug again and tried to give your friend a police gun. This is where Amy Stokes requested a full ban (as you were warned before). Mind to explain instead of acting innocent. EDIT I am well aware of your banevading account - so if you want an unban, you better not proceed with your banevasion.
  10. Unbanned. Read the server rules before connecting to the server.
  11. Let me add that you did this somewhere one year ago aswell. We decided to give you a new chance and unbanned you as you paid the administrative fees of €16 in a donation with another transaction, guess what? Few days later you opened disputes once again (while you were pretty much aware that according to our terms of service you are not allowed to revert a donation). And not to mention you moved all your items to another account before you opened the disputes. Now who's here dumb and trying to scam people? I really wont waste much more words on you. You're a disaster to the world. We are a gaming community putting our own money in it to offer players a place to enjoy their gameplay, none has ever been forced to donate - it's your own free will, and what are you doing? You're making us pay for your own retardness. To clarify:
  12. Did your friend read the server rules meanwhile?
  13. That's not a reason to banevade by the fact that you're already warned when you see the ban message ("[!] Please do not ban evade or you will not be unbanned." & "[!] You can appeal your ban (http://www.mudoogaming.com/)."). Did you read the server rules meanwhile? And what will change if I unban you?
  14. I cannot see any active ban or ban with this reason connected with your account.
  15. Let me correct this. You decided to ignore the messages which are shown in your ban reason ("[!] Please do not ban evade or you will not be unbanned." & "[!] You can appeal your ban (http://www.mudoogaming.com/)."). You have a total of four banned accounts; one for deathmatching, other three for banevasion. Now let's actually move to the reason why you (and your french buddies) are banned. At 22 April around 04:00, you and your buddies used the server to deathmatch and copbait. You killed most (if not all) the cops at/near a house in Verona Beach. Some of your friends decided to return after death. The cops did not return after death so you and your friends decided to run to Pershing Square to kill the cops there. I however can understand that you and your friends did not know the rules, though this is something basic which you agree with when creating an account. And yes, I am well aware of you and your friends copbaiting everytime they banevaded. Did you read the server rules meanwhile? And what will change if I unban you?
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