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  1. @MikeKevincontact me so we can meet in game
  2. Good evening everyone. I recently started co-operating with an American company and right now I am gathering people so subscribe to their YouTube channel. Since I haven’t got much time to play SA:MP and I have some good savings, I decided to host this giveaway in exchange for subscriptions. All you have to do is, drop your in game name, your discord and a screenshot of you subscribing the channel. You can subscribe with as much accounts as you’d like and it’ll still only count as one entry. I know most of you will subscribe, participate in the giveaway and then remove the subscription, and that’s not the point at all. I ask you guys to keep it, if you don’t want to follow the content just ignore or chose to follow with a secondary account so it does not appear in your feed. I will be giving away $500,000 IG cash to the winner. I will use a randomizer website with your names and it’ll be completely random. I plan to do this on the last day of September, 30/09, AROUND 20:00 CET. With this being said, I will drop the channel link so you can start participating, thank you for your attention, good luck and keep in mind what I asked you all about the subscription. https://youtube.com/channel/UCDduMFl5byd6M72vyaRDmrA
  3. Name: Pedro_Spagerolli
  4. Accepted. Contact senior+ in game.
  5. This is your second ban for the usage of illegal modifications. You'll be unbanned in a month with a 40% wealth cut.
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