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  1. Scripted as business property without /buy function, you can use it for rp purpose if you rping as Gang. Can be used as HQ aswell. VALUE: 460,000 $ Starting BO: 200,000 $
  2. If i will be not satisfied i will not sell it. (accepting trades aswell)
  3. It is locate at BB, in the factory’s area. relocated 1h ago. From Gang house interior to INTERIOR ID: 61 NAME: CRACK FACTORY for rp purpose.
  4. From Las Colinas to Blue Berry. Location of the new Hq: Reason: We rp as a Cartel, our main activity yall know is in Flint County. We operate in Los Santos 's street as a Mexican Street Cartel but we keep the business outside the town. Blue Berry is a perfect middle point between Los Santos - Flint county for handle our weapon /drug traffics + it's near our warehouse.
  5. (( Epic HQ for mafia group )) Value: 7,040,000$ Offers will start from 15M. The property has a private gate. * IF THE OWNER IS NOT SATISFIED WITH THE OFFERS, HE WILL NOT SELL IT.*
  6. IG Name: Pablo BlancoBank Account: #2541good lucks for future: Good luck bro, hope you all the best in your life
  7. Reason: rp purpose, we want create crack labs/drug house with furnitures, at the same time create a place where ppl can hide and create shotouts with enemies / cops. The property is a business property, so all kind of people will have the possibility to enter inside it and rp something or just hide / shot. If it will be approved, i will change the interior in game with an Admin, interior “Gang House” (i do not remember the ID atm). From the first pic (old property) to the second one (the house). https://imgur.com/a/GDF557x
  8. I need a group garage here. (Our warehouse) https://imgur.com/a/IRulA2Z
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