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  1. What is your Discord account? n0xic When did you get banned? 12/13/1901 What is the ban reason? i have no idea Personal comment helloooooo unban me please! its been a long time
  2. Idk who’s no lifing. Me who I barely have 8h a month or you and your fucking monkey friends. So fucking desperate over a game that you went and wrote a 1500 word paragraph in 10 minutes because one of your fucking monkeys got banned. How about you monch on my fucking dick will you? You are already muted, I’ll get timed out too, but if you wanna really go out, keep me in your fucking monkey server from which you kicked me like absolut pussies and we can speak there u fucking goat fucker, stupid fucking dog

  3. Accepted. Contact senior+ in game.
  4. This is your second ban for the usage of illegal modifications. You'll be unbanned in a month with a 40% wealth cut.
  5. It was me banning you, I warned you 3 times to rejoin with your main account. I will unban you now, if I ever see you logging with a different account you won't be unbanned this easily.
  6. Works! Contact a senior+ in game.
  7. Good job Ed! You're indeed an exemplar player.
  8. I think interior 120 is way too big for that property, don't you think?
  9. If that is part of the property's furniture you can delete it yourself using /furniture, otherwise it's not possible to remove.
  10. The second property looks like a warehouse, not a house. With this being said I am denying your request.
  11. Roses are red

    Violets are blue

  12. You are allowed to use binds, what you’re not allowed to do is playing as a bot, you were literally standing still just fishing. We do not allow the usage of that type of macro keybinds. To be reviewed soon.
  13. Title says it all. Contact me IG or here.
  14. Gotta to check that in game. Contact any senior admin.
  15. That property is not high enough to have that interior. Kindly pick a new one please.
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