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  1. Selling only vortex in the city. Drop your offers below. Starting offer 10mil.
  2. What is your in-game name? Tommy_Bowl Which staff member banned you? Pedro_Gvardia When did you get banned? 06/21/2021 What is the ban reason? Macro Fishing Personal comment I haven't played in like a year now and I forgot the rules and I didin't know that macro fishing or any sort that need to be done over and over again isin't allowed to be done with macros if your afk.
  3. What is your in-game name? Tommy_Bowl Which staff member banned you? Sam_Woods When did you get banned? 02/20/2021 What is the ban reason? money hacks Personal comment I admit having cheats on my computer and I'm sorry for being dishonest. What I did was wrong and I apologize. I'm asking you for an unban because I love playing on the server and all of my friends are here. The scripts are nice and, to be honest, I got kind of addicted to it. I understand the consequences of my actions and I want to comply with all the conditions you give me to get unbanned. The cheat it self is bad and dosen't even give me anything and now I'm starting to understand that it was dumb of me. The money only showed for everybody but the real money was still the same.
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