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  1. You will be unbanned today, hoping you won’t repeat these mistakes.
  2. Translation: I did not want to get caught by FBI and preferred to be killed so my assets remained intact. The problem with your bandit analogy is that once a bandit dies, he or she loses everything. You on the other hand respawn as if nothing ever happen and are back driving a Huntley with full armour and guns 30 seconds later. Lie. This isn't one. You've used the misunderstanding card one too many times. How are they set for FBI to always win. Isn't it you who claims that the FBI has been after you for a very long time but wasn't able to apprehend you? If it was that easy, they wouldn't spend weeks or months collecting evidence before making a move. Do you understand fully what you did wrong? if yes, if this was to be repeated, how would you handle it?
  3. Your ban reason: Veteran player, open disregard for the rules, failing to comply with RP 1. You were surrounded from all directions with your car blocked from front and back. 2. You had 5 federal agents aiming at you who were armed to the teeth for that very reason as you say "top tier" criminal. 3. You did not comply and tried to escape with your armoured Huntley but it was destroyed due to 5 people shooting it at one time. 4. You saw no other choice and exited and started to shoot. 5. At this point I froze you and said you cannot behave like this when you're so heavily overpowered in a 5v1 with FBI agents with max weapons and armour. 6. One of the agents roleplayed cuffing you but you did not respond 7. When the taser affect finished you got up and shot Ella with M4 and began to run ignoring her RP. 8. You began to RP once you realised you could use the shootout to evade any interaction with FBI. 9. When asked why you didn't roleplay gun fear, your reaction: 10. Adding to all the above, you were temporary banned for poor roleplay not too long ago. You are a level 26 veteran player who should know the rules inside out especially such a common and basic rule. Your clear disregard for the rules probably with the perspective that you'll get a small warning is not acceptable. You did not just break one rule but several. You deserved a ban because you have no remorse and still claim you are in the right when you know full well that the rules say otherwise. Until you acknowledge the rules, understand them and apologise for your actions, you will not be unbanned.
  4. Glad you recognise your mistake. You blatantly deathmatched a level 0 player. You've been warned regarding deathmatching before hopefully this ban will reiterate the message with more clarity. I leave the rest up to your handler.
  5. If you’re gonna go into the effort of explaining what you mean by prolly, just write probably next time. Prolly easier.
  6. A reason you don't know about? That would constitute DM. All you've stated is someone rammed you x times so you killed him. I see no roleplay motive or scenario here, especially now because you're making up a random story to justify your actions by claiming he probably had a reason to ram you which you have no clue about. I was actually spectating you for a different report but clearly you were just on a spree thinking it's a TDM on the whole server.
  7. If he was ramming you, you report him. He was stand still in a truck, you drove up and killed him without saying a word. Being rammed by someone doesn't warrant executing them. Especially not the way you did it.
  8. You were driving around and started shooting anyone in sight. You randomly killed a truck driver who had nothing to do with you. The event wasn't a DM pass for everyone on the server.
  9. Those interested, hmu on discord. Ajax.Zaire#3779 Thanks
  10. Looking for a graphic designer with moderate level photoshop skills. Requirement: Ability to produce creative posters. Paying well.
  11. If you by any chance increase your budget to 6m, let me know. Mansion opposite fbi hq in temple for sale
  12. Ajax


    @dellpacker For discussion. https://discord.gg/UustPz
  13. Ajax

    Player map icons

    Only useful if a whole server reform is done and tested in one go. Any gradual business will only kill the server and annoy people. This of course requires a lot of management and for those people to be very active to allow implementation and test. Otherwise, if standards remain the same, this is shooting yourself in the foot.
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