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  1. What is your in-game name? Alex_Rossi Which staff member banned you? James_Kavanagh When did you get banned? 04/27/2021 What is the ban reason? "aimbot" Personal comment so yes while i was fighting with the cops i accidently pressed the button that enabled it ( i had it when i was playing in a other server that my friends made and i afterwards i forgot to delete it) and i killed 4 of them and i realized i had it off so i instantly deleted it and know ik what u gonna think that i have a shitty excuse im truly sorry i understand that what i did was wrong im just asking for a second chance, i dont know u can keep me banned but yeah im just saying that accidently pressed the toggle since i have a small keyboard.. please i want a second chance i love ur server it will not happen again
  2. [b]In-game name:[/b] Alex tsipras [b]Why do you need the money:[/b] im poor [b]Chosen number:[/b] 69
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