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  1. Name: Marshall Hunter Comment: historic election, very excited to discover the new governor. Hopefully he doesn't get impeached as well and fulfill his duties. Shout out to Buzz Times for their effort to cover the election.
  2. Whenever a memebr of a group gets suspected for any basic reason such as evading, failure to pay a citation...Other members tend to jump into the situation, not to "help" the suspected individual, but to use their weapons since there is a "reason" to DM. This happens daily, for example when a Trooper attempts to arrest a suspect, someone who doesn't even know the wanted individual would pass by and help him which is very unrealistic. I've suggested before that the jail time should be increased, at least 3.5 min for each crime. This is a Role Play server and not cops vs robbers. Plus, you shoul
  3. Firstname: Marshall Lastname: Hunter Date of birth: [01/05/1995] Place of residence: Temple, Los Santos. Previous or current occupation: Freelancer Phonenumber: 58206 Which position are you applying for?: Astronaut Solve the equation: (9-4)x3= 15 Do you fit in the criteria required for the position?: [X]YES [-]NO
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