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  1. It is possible, it just costs 2.5 millions, let us know if you want to go through with this!
  2. Business yards in LS cost 1.5 mil, confirm if you still want to continue.
  3. Athena Habibi of mine

  4. You need to take account for your actions, you can appeal again after 2 weeks. Denied.
  5. Denied. Appeal again when you are serious about it. Read the tips here:
  6. Junior, Your appeal is denied. You can make another one in 2 weeks. Do not contact any staff member about your appeal or we'll add another week to the waiting time.
  7. Hello Kircho! We have decided to lift the ban and give you another chance. Due to the nature of your rule break you'll be forced to play with CAC. (More information here: https://valrisegaming.com/cac) You will also be subjected to 50% network removal as per ban consequences .
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