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  1. You will be unbanned, make sure this doesn't happen again.
  2. You will be allowed to play and forced on CAC. Valrise Gaming Click here to learn about it.
  3. You are unbanned. Due to the nature of your ban and your refusal to TV, you will be forced to play on CAC. Valrise Gaming <- Click here to learn more about it.
  4. You are unbanned and subjected to 80% wealth removal as it's your 3rd ban. You will also be forced on CAC. Valrise Gaming << click here to know more about it.
  5. You will be banned and subjected to 40% wealth removal as per Ban Consequence. You are also forced on CAC, for more info: Valrise Gaming
  6. You are unbanned and forced on CAC. More info on how to install and run it: Valrise Gaming
  7. Denied. If you post another BS appeal, I'll ban this account.
  8. No remorse at all? You are denied. Do not appeal for another month.
  9. Appeal or move on, this is not the complaint section
  10. No we are not adding things to that area, stop requesting relocation everyday Buying a cheap place in distant areas and relocating them to hotspots is NOT going to be a new trend.
  11. Denied. This is your 3rd ban for cheats alone. You cheated on CAC and we don't unban people who do that.
  12. You'll be unbanned and forced on CAC. Since this is your 3rd ban you will be subjected to 80% networth removal.
  13. You will be unbanned and forced on CAC. Valrise Gaming for more info. You are subjected to wealth removal as it's your 2nd ban (not to mention you evaded).
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