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Hernandez Corporation - Journey Giveaway!

Hernandez Corporation

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Hello everyone! We're two days away from the new year! 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, but nonetheless we got through it. We don't know what 2021 has in store for us, but we can only hope it'll be better. All of us from Hernandez Corporation wish you the best of luck and health. Without any further introduction, and in celebration of the new year, Hernandez Corporation is hosting a giveaway on a Journey vehicle.


For those who are not familiar with the model, Journey vehicle is a RV and is your ideal choice for bringing the family all together in a peaceful vacation across a country. It comes with a furnished interior. The accommodation contains a table with two benches around it, a sink, some cabinets, and red-tiled-floor. The top of the vehicle is flat, making it an ideal place to chill while having a good view using the ladder provided in the back of the vehicle


How to take part in the giveaway?

Use the following form to officially participate in the event, after choosing a number between 1 and 150

E-Mail ((Discord)): 
Chosen Number: 

Requirements to take part of the event (IC)

  • Must be of age 18 or older. 
  • Must be a citizen of San Andreas.
  • Must have a passport and a driving license. ((Level 5+))


Event Rules

  • Using a number that was used before isn't allowed. In case you did so, you will be contacted to change it. You aren't qualified as a participant in the giveaway until you choose a unique number.
  • Repeating your participation in the giveaway using a different number isn't allowed, and will get you automatically disqualified.
  • Once you have chosen your number, you aren't allowed to change it. So think wisely. ((Your comment is an IC application that is handed to the company RPWise, you aren't allowed to edit your comment later to change the number))
  • In case you're the winner, you will be contacted via E-Mail to claim your reward. You will be given only one week to claim it, otherwise we will have to pick another winner
  • The last day to pick a number is on 9th of January, 2021, at 00:00 CET.


The winner will be announced in this topic on the 10th of January, 2021.

For more information regarding our company, click here to navigate to our website ((Forum Topic)), or here to use our live customer service chat feature ((Discord))


To avoid any confusion, we will have used numbers listed down below.

  • Rose Oberoii                     - 1
  • Sacha Zaslavsky            - 3
  • Jimmy Simmons             - 4
  • Arti Uzbeev                       - 7
  • Eazy Wilson                      - 8
  • Stella Gonzalez               - 9
  • Ash Boucher                     - 10
  • Roberto Makaveli           - 12
  • Aze Gunnar                       - 13
  • Rico Stokes                       - 14
  • Onur Skenderi                 - 16
  • Devin Roman                    - 17
  • Araki Shig                          - 22
  • Khadafi Fauzan               - 25
  • Boris Preobrazhensky - 26
  • Dacop Fauzan                  - 32
  • Stefano Montana            - 40
  • Rodrigo Andres               - 43
  • Arthur Darwin                  - 44
  • Marty Angelieri               - 46
  • Steven Jones                   - 47
  • Amer Wright                     - 49
  • Gianna Venture               - 50
  • Tanay Curtis                     - 51
  • Brot Jatt                              - 53
  • James Oberoi                   - 55
  • Artyom Abdulov              - 56
  • Ben Fenix                            - 69
  • Peter Mackenzie             - 74
  • Dhaval Frost                      - 75
  • James Perkin                    - 79
  • Marko Vanhanen             - 83
  • Hilton Argon                      - 88
  • Dinesh Jack                       - 95
  • Johan Shiju                        - 98
  • Edward McLaren             - 99
  • Shin Shan                           - 100
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