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  1. You literally have application format there, follow it
  2. We are hiring Taxi Drivers now! Interested? Apply down below! Conditions: Good orientation Ability to work in a group of people Fluent english You need to be trustworthy and honest Benefits: Company vehicles provided for job duties Interesting bonus after working actively for group (starting from 5,5k for every documented fare) Base of stable and prospering company Career growth After applying down below, we will look into your application and contact you via mail or phone to schedule an interview. If you have any questions about this job opportunity, feel free to message us ((Forum PM or direct message at Discord: cavosavosk)) and we will try to answer you as soon as possible. Example application: Name: John Doe Phone: 12345 E-mail(Discord): JohnDoe#1111 Any special info you would like to mention: ...
  3. Name: Larry Ozaak Type: House Reason: Requesting this house for a fellow Ozaak, Trey had to go and couldnt request it sooner Image:
  4. Name: Larry Ozaak Type: House Reason: OZK clan settling in Palo, FR FR ONG coords are at pic Image:
  5. You Can try again in about 1month Or whenever your access gets reverted on forums
  6. You definetly lack self control, unable to understand anything. Punishment history speaks for itself aswell Feel free to reaaply after 2 months, maybe you will have a chance for unban
  7. Practise understanding calendar, its not 7th April yet
  8. yes you do deserve it No sorry, no nothing. As you were staff member and got caught cheating, reapply in 3 months. DENIED
  9. Name: Larry_Ozaak Panel: https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/player/larry_ozaak Hoping to see you around sometimes buddy, goodluck
  10. ok am out, lol, not worth it
  11. You are unable to understand what was said in appeal. You should appeal after 6 months, thus in JUNE. Restricted from posting on forums DENIED
  12. There is a clear recording of you driving a car with a dead battery, more than once. I do not need to show you the evidence, since it contains admin info If you think it was a false ban, you can file a staff report against me DENIED
  13. What about coming clean? There is enough evidence speaking against you
  14. Come clean, then we can talk For now you are lying
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