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  1. Moving property of mine frome here: to here:
  2. I would like to relocate my house at LV, NR. 2485 To Paradiso, SF I also want to change it's interior to ID 56 (If not possible make it to ID 94) and a private garage.
  3. If you haven't change your forum name until now. Here is how to change your forum name. First go to https://panel.valrisegaming.com and login. Then select PROFILE and click Forum name
  4. lol sofa on the roof. Anyway, 210k and tell the deadline please.
  5. Drop your offers
  6. I want to chage the interior to ID 140 (Finney Bank) if possible. The location is on the opposite side of Market Mall trucking.
  7. Name: Khadafi Fauzan E-Mail ((Discord)): K [HD]#5662 Chosen Number:25
  8. Again, I want to say sorry for doing a script abuse, it was truly my mistake and my bad too for doing it. I will promise not to do any rule breaking if i had a second chance.
  9. Sorry sir, i just dont realize it was pd weapons
  10. What is your in-game name? Khadafi_Fauzan Which staff member banned you? Weston_Lockheed When did you get banned? 09/16/2020 What is the ban reason? Possession of PD items (Script Abuse) Personal comment Hello Admins About the PD weapon, i swear i never use it i just stored it at my house, and i dont thinking about using it. The PD weapon were kept in my inventory after i go off-duty, because i have an deagle, shotgun, and mp5 in my inventory before, I think the PD weapon was mine. Kind Regards Khadafi Fauzan
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