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  1. I have a villa value is 875k up to 8 cars parking space but no gate, also it has a roof heavily furnished from inside and has the best backyard view, its in Mulholland near TIM's HQ @777johan777 My discord: SSGFaisal#4667
  2. Profit is generally 10 to 17k as you own the both stores in the town. @Memory
  3. [SELLING] Both 24/7s in Montgomery, phone: 38834, Discord: SSGFaisal#4667
  4. Contact me on discord too: SSGFaisal#4667 IG name: Devin Roman, Phone: 38834. Heavily furnished wooden interior [not like the other ones] its a unique interior and with a Heli parking, the car parking space can hold upto 8 cars.
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