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  1. What is your in-game name? Tyrell_Anderson Date & time of occurence? 22/01/2021 Elaborate how you lost this/these items I was evading from cops till a volunteer named Shawn_Millie came and killed me, the guy was aimbotting and he even shot Jasmine_Muller which is an official member of SAPD and i got seized for marked money and lost guns/a basketball bat, the guy /q after i reported him Proof [16:12:50] Jasmine Muller seized Marked Money (30612 quantity) from you. [16:12:50] * Jasmine Muller seizes Marked Money from Tyrell Anderson
  2. Memory

    Valrise economy

    It can be solved by introducing more ways of making money and adding a limit to properties/vehicles prices or buff other jobs
  3. Memory

    Valrise economy

    Getting to own/rent a farm is also hard and costs money and weedhouses are very expensive, The only way to plant a weedfield without the entire of PD rushing and killing you is to plant it on 4am and i doubt someone would be awake that time, Trucking gives like 50k for every 30minutes which is very low compared to the prices of properties/cars
  4. Memory

    Valrise economy

    The only way to become rich is to gamble or time travel to 2017 and buy all farms
  5. If someone buys that Super GT i'll shoot myself
  6. Very expensive no one will buy
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